Watch the moment a San Francisco tour guide completely loses it

As a character says at the end of that Roman Polanski movie, “Forget it, Jake—it’s Chinatown.” But some of us can’t leave well enough alone, which explains why a San Francisco tour guide went off on the city’s Chinese district in a racist, expletive-laden rant that will live in YouTube infamy. (It’s about as NSFW as non-porn videos get.)

What doesn’t this beer-brandishing young woman like about Chinatown? The crowds. The noise. The turtle-based cuisine. The salons. The dragon parades. And much, much more! Her captive audience is so swept up in the screed that they actually applaud at one point, as if to confirm your worst fears about humankind.

We just wish we’d been there when that bus rolled through Mountain View.

H/T SFist | Photo via Christoph Wolf/YouTube | Remix by Jason Reed