Is a Sean Cody membership worth it?

If muscular men with athletic bodies and all-American faces turn you on, then chances are high that you’ve enjoyed a sexy scene from a Sean Cody video in the past. Founded in 2001, the gay porn site is known for featuring young jocks in solo or hardcore scenes.

With ample opportunities to stream porn for free all over the internet (think: Pornhub) it isn’t very hard to stumble upon some Sean Cody clips without having to cough up any cash. Is becoming a member worth the money? Let’s break down what a membership gets you to find out if it’s worth the price of admission.

Is a Sean Cody membership worth it?

Sean Cody cost

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A monthly membership starts at $29.99 per month. Or you can subscribe for a full year for $119.99 if you pay all at once. That averages out to $9.99 per month.

Sean Cody porn: Membership benefits

1) Exclusive full-length content

Sean Cody does a pretty decent job of making sure you can only stream snippets or previews of its videos on free sites. Becoming a member provides you with the opportunity to really see it all. Even still, if you do enough digging, you’ll likely be able to find Sean Cody full videos for free. Is that the easiest, most ethical, safest route? Definitely not. 

The biggest reason to sign up for Sean Cody premium content? If you stumble upon a super hot scene on one of the free sites, you can easily watch it in full via In this case, having access to Sean Cody’s full library allows you to finish the show you started and continue down the rabbit hole with a particular model you like. Watch all his other movies, scenes, and exclusive content without interruption or the risk of buggy downloads.

2) New content every week

Sean Cody boasts that it releases three brand new videos every week. For viewers who like to keep things fresh (most people) this is a big plus. The number of new releases isn’t quite as high as a site like, for example, which produces one new scene every day. Still, with an extensive backlog of scenes, who has time to watch full porn movies every day anyway? Then again, if something is important to you, you’ll make the time.

3) Over 1,000 jock models

They say variety is the spice of life, but Sean Cody might not have gotten the memo. There’s almost zero variety in the body types, skin colors, or identities of the site’s models. What’s more, you’re going to have to scroll pretty far through their list of over 1,000 stars to find a single person of color.

That being said, if young, white jock bodies are what you’re looking for, there’s truly no better place on the web for you. They may all look exactly the same, but they’re all undeniably beautiful. None of the exclusive models are allowed to have worked for another porn company before signing with Sean Cody, ensuring that you’ll have to return to the site once you find a star you really take a liking to. 

All bareback videos

The act of having sex on camera without a condom is a controversial one, but it’s undeniable that many viewers only want to see bareback sex when they’re choosing a scene to watch. It’s clear Sean Cody knows this, as one of their few listed reasons for signing up for a membership is that all their films are “100% bareback.”

Now that PREP has infiltrated the LGBTQ community and allowed guys to worry less about contracting HIV, sex without condoms has become much more prevalent. That means Sean Cody’s bareback videos now also give off a more realistic vibe and representation of IRL sex.

Is a Sean Cody membership worth it?

If you lust over young white athlete types, you won’t find a better place on the internet to spend your money. But everyone else might want to look elsewhere for their gay porn fix. There are plenty of opportunities to see bareback footage and Sean Cody snippets online for free, and forcing viewers to pay for an entire year up front surely doesn’t help the company’s cause.