Sex Babes VR is the affordable hidden gem of VR porn

Thanks to improvements in video technology and the drop in prices, virtual reality porn is the wave of the future. Once only the province of the wealthy, anyone can afford a VR porn setup these days. When you’re looking for the best VR porn you need to consider your options. Do you want a mainstream site focused on the biggest stars of the moment? Are you exploring kinks? Or do you want porn starring performers you’ve never seen before, beautiful women who help you escape to a fantasy world? If that’s you, consider joining the fine folks over at Sex Babes VR

Featuring largely European models who haven’t released scenes in the American market, Sex Babes VR is unlike any other site around thanks to its talent pool alone. But is it worth your money? We’ve taken a deep dive to see if it is one of the best VR porn sites or just another pretty face on the market. 

How much does Sex Babes VR cost?

Sex Babes VR comes out swinging immediately on the price front. Given the quality and frequency of its updates, $14.99 per month is a steal. However, if you’re ready for a long term commitment, Sex Babes VR’s biggest deals are saved for people who buy in bulk. Three months of membership will run you just $37. Meanwhile, a whole year is just $59.99. If you want to really make a commitment lifetime access is just $299.99. You can even pay with PayPal and Bitcoin if you don’t want to pay with your credit card. Sex Babes VR is a steal at these prices. 

What’s included with your Sex Babes VR membership?

1) Over 320 videos with new content every four to five days

Sex Babes VR is overflowing with preexisting red hot VR porn scenes, but that doesn’t mean that’s all you get. New scenes are uploaded every four to five days, averaging six to seven new scenes a month. Each scene is full of incredible sensual hardcore action featuring all of the old faithful porn scenarios. Do you want hot babysitters or slutty bosses? You got ‘em. The pace of the studio’s production is even more remarkable when you consider just how good these scenes look. 

2) Beautiful 5K videos with binaural sound for an immersive experience

The better your video quality, the more lifelike your VR porn experience is going to be. Sex Babes VR scenes are shot in eye-popping 5K Ultra HD video, giving you an immersive “in-the-scene” realism. Things get even better when you pair your experience with good headphones. Binaural 3D sound further adds to the experience, letting you experience every moan and whispered bit of dirty talk. 

review sex babes vr - victoria pure

3) Support for basically every device and great mobile site

Sex Babes VR has an incredibly user-friendly mobile site, making it easy to pair with even the most obscure VR headsets. Whether you’re on your smartphone or using a stand-alone VR headset, the easy-to-use site and wide range of optimized video files have you covered. 

4)  Tons of European porn stars you probably haven’t seen before

When someone has a moment in mainstream porn they tend to get a little overexposed. This can lead to the same handful of performers always being front and center no matter what site you visit. Sex Babes VR never has this problem, drawing largely from the European porn industry to find performers who haven’t worked in the US yet. These staggeringly beautiful women you’ve never seen gives the site an exciting sense of newness.  

review sex babes vr - marilyn sugar

5) Simply silly plots offer just enough setup to keep things fun

Most people don’t watch porn for the plot, but storytelling elements help get the viewer into the scene sometimes. Sex Babes VR strikes a careful balance between not making you watch an entire short film but also letting you know why people are having sex. More importantly, it allows them to explore some light fantasies between all the cheating spouses, horny babysitters, and hot personal trainers you’ve come to expect. 

What are the drawbacks of a Sex Babes VR account?

1) Almost no diversity 

We love Sex Babes VR’s content, particularly given how many new performers it introduced us to. However, across the entire site, only 12 scenes feature non-white performers. All of the men and women featured on the site are gorgeous, but a little diversity allows everyone to stand out more. Spice things, up Sex Babes VR! Humankind can not live on blondes alone. 

2) Weak search

Sex Babes VR has essentially no search function, leaving users to find scenes either by browsing through pages of videos or searching tags. That being said, its tag page is very detailed and provided us with enough information to navigate to the scenes we wanted. Still, it would be nice to be able to type in “redheads” and just see who they’ve worked with. This is a minor complaint, but a valid one. 

review sex babes vr - lovita fate

3) High-quality generic porn

If you like traditional old school porn and just want to see it shot in beautiful 5K quality, Sex Babes VR is the site for you. If you have any kinks outside of that, it can be a little frustrating. There is a sameness to the site’s to its content, which is both a selling point and a problem depending on who you are. This is comfort food porn catering explicitly to straight male fantasies and not much else. If you use your VR goggles as an escape from normal this may not be the site for you. 

Is Sex Babes VR worth it?  

Let’s say we did live in such a ludicrous world where money was no object. Based purely on its merits, Sex Babes VR is worth every penny it costs you to sign up. While it doesn’t push any boundaries, that’s fine. Classic Coke still sells for a reason, and even if its familiar, old fashioned porn in VR is still something new. It’s nice that there are sites that aren’t pushing extreme kinks, hard anal, and squirting every scene. We also love that it features so many stars from overseas. 

Which makes the fact that we haven’t discussed price yet even more remarkable. At $14.99 per month Sex Babes VR is absurdly affordable. You get world-class Ultra HD VR porn content featuring stunningly beautiful women for the cost of HD Netflix. We’re kind of stunned by how affordable the site is, but we’re not complaining. If you’re on a budget and mainstream stars are less important than the quality of the porn you buy, Sex Babes VR is a must-try. 

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