Sex Like Real VR offers a smorgasbord of porn

As the VR porn industry has exploded, viewers have so many options; it’s often difficult to pick just one. With a multitude of sites to choose from, it’s easy to get porno FOMO and wonder if someone else is doing something better. If variety is the spice of your life, Sex Like Real VR might be your best bet.

Featuring a host of scenes from multiple studios, Sex Like Real is a VR porn smorgasbord. But does it deliver on its potential or does it fall short? We have the answers. From cost to features to possible problems, here’s everything you need to know about Sex Like Real VR.

sex like real vr review

Sex Like Real VR cost

Few VR porn sites offer the variety of prices and options that Sex Like Real delivers. At one point its own major downside was its pricing, which offered a $29.99 streaming-only option. Thankfully those days have passed, with Sex Like Real offering both streaming and downloads for just $29.99 per month.

The rest of its membership options are more traditional. A single month option is also available for $37.99 per month. You can pay for a full year for $239.99, which adds up to $19.99 per month. There’s also an option to get a lifetime membership for $699.99.

Sex Like Real VR membership perks

1) 7,500+ scenes with regular updates

With over 7,500+ scenes, Sex Like Real is swimming in content. What you might not expect is that the site regularly adds hundreds of scenes at once. Because most of its content is pulled from other studios, Sex Like Real VR can draw from more than just its own productions. Every time a new studio is added, tons of scenes come with it. It’s impossible to watch everything that Sex Like Real uploads. There’s just too much of it. There’s new content every day on top of the existing content.

2) High-quality videos in 6K and 4K

Sex Like Real has content in every quality imaginable, up to 6K video. Video quality is particularly important with VR porn. After all, the goal is to immerse yourself fully in each scene. However, even if your setup only supports 4K or 1080p, the videos on Sex Like Real sparkle with detail. We were universally impressed with each clip we watched.

sex like real vr review

3) Sex Like Real app

For many users, Sex Like Real’s killer app will be the app itself. The site’s app allows users to easily access almost all of Sex Like Real’s content, like streaming video. Rather than needing to manually check all of the studios for new content and then download a massive 10GB file, the Sex Like Real app is an all-in-one experience.

The site optimizes its content for the app, down to remastered videos only available on it. Access your entire library of paid and saved scenes, download 24 full-length paid scenes for free, and get more just for signing up. Beyond its impressive features, the Sex Like Real app includes access to bonus scenes not hosted on the site. Our favorite feature was how it optimizes the quality of your headset based on presets. Even as someone who has used a lot of VR porn sites, this app was impressive.

4) Great search and categories

With so much content to choose from, Sex Like Real would be impossible to use without a good search function. Thankfully, the site delivers, making it easy to enter a few keywords and find what you’re looking for. However, the real treasure is its categories section. Everything on the site is extensively cataloged, allowing you to browse a list, find your fetish, and just get started. 

search terms

5) Content from 153 studios

Sex Like Real draws its content from over 140 studios across the industry, from smaller upstarts to bigger names like VR Bangers, Sex Babes VR, and Virtual Real Porn. Users who dig deep into the archives will be rewarded for their efforts. There’s ultra-kinky Japanese porn complete with pixelation, foot fetishes, stockings, cosplay, and even watersports, if that’s your thing. With thousands of videos from over 100 studios, Sex Like Real has room for almost everything—all in stunning VR.

6) Diverse performers

Another advantage of Sex Like Real’s library is its diversity. You’ll find clips featuring performers of many ethnic backgrounds, but how much you’ll find depends wildly. White performers still make up the vast majority of performers, with Latinx, Asian, and African American performers next. There’s room to grow, but it’s already head and shoulders above the rest.

outdoor porn

7) VR live cams 

Ever wanted to try a cam show in VR? Sex Like Real has you covered, with live VR sex shows every day. These work just like other cam sites, with the performers working for tips and selling private shows. This is the least populated part of the site. For example, on a weeknight we only found a handful of performers working. That said, this is a niche market, and if you support it, more people will come. 

8) High daily download limits

VR porn files massive, sometimes reaching 8GB or more in size. That can put a strain on a website’s servers when you download too much, so many sites have download limits. Sex Like Real has one of the most generous limits in the industry, 50 downloads in 72 hours. Even better, they actively advertise this download limit instead of leaving subscribers to discover it on their own. Lets face it, you probably don’t need 50 hours of VR porn in three days, but if you do, this limit still keeps you stocked up.

Sex Like Real VR membership cons

1) Tons of content but with a catch 

There’s more content than you could ever watch, but the catch is every studio only has a limited number of clips. The biggest names have up to 150 clips, but many only have 20 or 40 clips available. Occasionally, you’ll find your favorite studio hasn’t updated in a while, and you’ve already watched all the premium clips available. The site offers an option to pay to download new scenes, but when you’re already paying $29.99 to $37.99 per month for content, that gets annoying.

2) Studios come and go

This is a minor complaint until it impacts you. Studios sometimes come and go from Sex Like Real, leaving you searching. For example, until July of 2020 Kink VR content was featured on the site, only to move over to its own platform. Over the years other studios like Yankz VR have also left, leaving behind more small niche studios than before. That doesn’t mean Sex Like Real’s content comes up short. You just might need to discover a few new studios to make the most of it.

sex like real vr review

Is Sex Like Real VR worth it? 

Sex Like Real VR is a truly incredible deal for the cost, even with its handful of issues. It can be annoying when you run out of scenes from your favorite studios, but the sheer amount of content left for you to explore softens the blow. Sex Like Real allows viewers to explore their fantasies more deeply just by the nature of offering content other sites don’t. We’re not into watersports, for example, but if you are, it’s cool they have options for you. Viewers with more traditional tastes also don’t get beaten over the head with kinks they aren’t ready for.

The Sex Like Real app is incredible, from its sharp interface to the stunning streaming quality. It also helps keep the experience immersive by letting users control everything without taking off their headsets.

We have minor complaints about Sex Like Real, but ultimately they’re not big deals. If you’re only going to subscribe to one VR porn site, Sex Like Real is an incredible option. And if you find yourself watching the content from one studio more than everything else, just cancel your membership to Sex Like Real and sign up for that studio’s full site. Life is full of options, but when it comes to VR porn, no one offers more than Sex Like Real VR. If you value hot affordable VR porn over name recognition, give Sex Like Real your number.