Little girl finds her aunt’s c**k ring and wears it as a bracelet

Remember a few years ago, when every kid had to have “Silly Bandz,” those bracelets that were shaped like animals?

silly bandz

They were briefly the bane of elementary school teachers (Time magazine even ran a story about schools banning them), then they disappeared like every other trend.

But it’s not like little kids suddenly stopped wanting to wear fun colorful bracelets. In fact, anything laying around the house can totally probably work. Like, let’s say you’re visiting your aunt. Why not just slip on her boyfriend’s cock ring, that the poor fool left just sitting out on the nightstand? That’s how Ben Lauder ended up receiving this text message from this girlfriend.

cock ring text message

Along with this adorable picture.

cock ring bracelet

Ben didn’t know what was going on when he received the first text. “I just replied asking ‘What?’” he said in an interview, “and I was trying to think what I’d done wrong now. I was not expecting to get that at all, when the picture came through I just couldn’t believe it.”

Ben’s girlfriend Amy found her two-year-old niece wearing the sex toy like a bracelet and calling it her “new watch.” She quickly snagged it off the kid, who was apparently super bummed out and went around the house crying and looking in drawers for her lost toy.

“I found the whole thing so funny right away,” Amy said, “but it was so awkward explaining what had happened. My mum kept asking what it was, but I just told her she doesn’t want to know.”

H/T Elite Daily