Sex shops pony up toys for Texas campus-carry protest

Two weeks ago, Jessica Jin created a Facebook event for a “campus dildo carry” to protest Texas’s new campus-carry gun law. More than 9,000 people have since RSVP’d to the August 2016 event.

The big question: Where does one get roughly 9,000 dildos?

“There is a lot of work to be done in getting a dildo to every student who wants one!” Jin said in an interview with the Daily Dot.

Now it appears that the sex-toy industry is lending a hand—figuratively speaking—to the #CocksNotGlocks movement.

One online store, GameLink, will supply dildos to the first 69 students who reach out to them with a student ID; after that, students will receive 20 percent off. Dildo manufacturer Pipedream Products is also getting behind the protest.

“As longtime allies of the Free Speech Coalition, we are very passionate about the freedom to exercise our first amendment rights and look forward to providing #CocksNotGlocks participants with our ultra-realistic American-made King Cocks,” Sabrina Dropkick, Pipedream’s social media manager, said in a statement.

Porn company Shane’s World has offered to supply free products, and LELO, an online sex-toy shop, has expressed interest as well. 

The Texas-based shop Dreamers is also giving away dildos to students with valid ID at two Austin locations starting Oct. 23. Reached by phone, employees at both Dreamers stores said that, as of Friday morning, they hadn’t yet had any takers. Nonetheless, they’ll honor the deal until they run out of supplies.

The manager of one Dreamers told the Daily Dot that they have “quite a few and might be getting more.” 

While this synergy is great for brands, Jin was careful to emphasize that protesting Texas’s gun law is the focus here.

“Sex positivity has turned out to be an awesome byproduct of this campaign,” Jin told the Houston Chronicle, “but I personally have to prioritize and make sure that we’re all throwing our full weight behind first putting a dent in society’s archaic views on gun ownership.” 

H/T Houston ChronicleIllustration by Max Fleishman