Double your pleasure: The best sex toys for couples

If you’re shopping for a new toy for you and your bae, look no further. The internet has no shortage of options. But which sex toys will really make your toes curl? And which will leave your lover begging for more? And more importantly, which can you both enjoy together? Consider this compilation of best sex toys for couples.

We’ve searched the web for the best of the best. Here are our top picks for best sex toys for couples.

The best sex toys for couples

Best cock rings

1) Duet Cock Ring

couples sex toys - cock ring

Cock rings are a classic bedroom toy, and the Duet Cock Ring by Babeland is a perfect place to start if you want a new toy that hits all the right spots and won’t hurt your wallet. The stretchy ring fits snugly over a penis or a strap-on and features two soft nubby vibrators that can be positioned to deliver powerful vibrations to both the balls and the clitoris at the same time. You can set it to vibrate constantly or to stimulate on contact. ($36)

Price: $36

2) Rabbit Ring

sex toys for couples : Jimmyjane rabbit ring

We also love JimmyJane’s remote-controlled Rabbit Ring. It offers all the traditional benefits of a cock ring—a fuller, longer erection—plus exciting clitoral vibrations. But our favorite part is the remote you can share, surrender, or keep to yourself for endless teasing and control play.

Price: $49

3) Mio

If you’re looking for elegance, JeJoue’s luxurious Mio is oh so pretty in purple and black. Made of beautiful, smooth silicone, the Mio delivers a heavy rumble to your clitoris while stimulating your partner’s package. The magnetic charger makes prepping for playtime a snap, and the elegant design offers a comfortable fit. You can also use it as a finger vibe by holding the handle for solo playtime, or share the sensations with your lover.

Price: $77

5) Tor 2

kinky sex toys for couples

And if you really want to splurge, Lelo’s Tor 2 has a gorgeous seamless design. The ring comes in purple, green, or black and delivers intense vibration with a variety of pulse settings that vary from gentle teasing to aggressive pounding. You or your partner can control the intensity and vibe patterns separately for endless variety. It comes with a discreet travel case, in which it can be charged, making it perfect for romantic getaways and excitement on the go. 

Price: $111

Remote-controlled pleasure

6) Bedtime Bullet

best sex toys for couples : lovehoney

Or, if you’re on a budget, Lovehoney makes a vibrating cock ring that’s likely cheaper than the underwear you have on. The Bedtime Bullet 10 Function Vibrating Cock Ring Set is not as slick as the Mio or Tor 2, but its simple rubber style—it looks like your classic sex shop find—still works hard to keep everyone satisfied. With two textural clitoral stimulators, plus a bullet that vibrates at three speeds and in seven patterns, anyone can find the right rhythm, together or apart. ($22).

Price: $22

7) We-Vibe

best sex toy for couples

If you want to feel good vibrations inside and out, the We-Vibe is a perfect option. This wearable vibe offers g-spot and clitoral stimulation. Partners can share the sensation during penetrative intercourse, or by repositioning the flexible ends. We love the slender design and extreme flexibility—no matter your shape or size, you’re sure to find a comfy fit. The original comes with a remote and access to the WE-CONNECT app, which allows users to control vibes from literally anywhere in the world.

Price: $109

8) Dua

sex toys for couples

The JeJoue Dua offers a thicker penetrative piece for deeper g-spot stimulation. It’s not meant for wear during sex, but it is meant for partner play from anywhere via its app, which allows you to create and save sessions. Users love its snug and flexible fit. It offers intense pressure both inside and out. If being teased in public is one of your fantasies, the Dua is quiet enough to use discreetly and the app allows partners to connect from anywhere. You can also use it in the bedroom for intimate foreplay.

Price: $125

9) Tiani

couples sex toys : Lelo Tiani 2

Lelo’s Tiani is the gold standard of simultaneous g-spot and clitoral stimulation. It comes with a remote that allows your partner to tease and thrill you. You can use it for adventurous out-of-the-bedroom play like the Dua, or wear it during penetrative intercourse for a deeper “full” feeling and share the intense vibrations with your partner. We love its beautiful and intuitive design, which allows users to control and adjust vibrations during lovemaking without pause.

Price: $169

Sex toys for couples: New sensations

10) Dame Eva

couples sex toys : Dame Eva

One of the newest innovators in the sex toy world is the Dame Eva, a hands-free vibrator that stimulates the vulva and clitoris. The Eva was created by women and stays in place with two flexible wings, which tuck under the labia. It can be worn during sex, or foreplay, or both. We love that it leaves hands free for you and your partner to touch and caress wherever you wish. Plus it comes in adorable aqua and lavender colors.

Price: $85

11) Tantus Feeldoe

tantus feel-doe

For partners interested in strap-ons, the Tantus Feeldoe offers the wearer and the receiver endless pleasure. Users insert the bulbed end into the vagina and hold it in place with their muscles lifting the Feeldoe to a natural tilt. The bulb also makes a comfortable handle for manual use. It comes in a variety of sizes and styles suited for whatever adventures you and your partner have in mind.

Price: $130+

12) Nalone Miu Miu

best sex toys for couples : Nalone Miu Miu

If you want to strengthen while you stimulate, we love the Nalone Miu Miu, a set of remote-controlled kegel balls crafted from smooth silicone and body-safe plastic that will get you warmed up and then some. The fit and weight of the balls is designed to strengthen the vaginal walls for a more intense orgasm, while the remote makes it perfect for partner play in or out of the bedroom. ($59)

Price: $59

13) Wet Platinum Arousing Sensation


While you’re going at it, remember that the key to keeping things comfortable for extended periods of time is good lubrication. Try Wet Platinum Arousing Sensation for a long-lasting lube option that “gives a great tingling sensation.” Dr. Madeleine M. Castellanos, aka the Sex MD, told the Daily Dot that this silicone-based lube is “very high quality without any noxious chemicals.” There are also water-based and flavored varieties available.

Price: $12

Kinky sex toys for couples: Total control

14) Under the Bed Restraints

sex toys

If you and your partner are into bondage, the best bedroom toys require no batteries at all. We love these Under the Bed Restraints from Unbound. They’re high-quality, versatile, and tuck away easily under your bed with a series of hooks and clips. You can transform your bedroom into the place of your darkest fantasies in a snap, and cleanup is just as easy. ($70)

Price: $70

15) Fetish Furniture St. Andrew’s Cross

bdsm toy

If you’re into tying and torturing your partner—or being tied and tortured yourself—Fetish Furniture’s St. Andrew’s Cross is sure to become a lifelong friend.  It’s made of beautiful birch and pine, and has a gorgeous chestnut finish. And when it’s not in use, it transforms into an elegant pedestal for discreet storage in plain sight. ($699)

Price: $699

16) Shibari


Handcuffs are a slightly more complicated bondage solution than tape, but with practice, they can quickly become a must-have for any equipment library.

As the name suggests, cuffs are to bind limbs, and to restrain subs. They can also be used to lock a sub to a piece of furniture, such as a chair, table, or bedpost. Or two handcuffs can be locked across each wrist, connecting a submissive to a bedpost in a spread eagle position. Again, it’s up to your imagination and comfort levels.

There’s a variety of cuffs out there for kinksters. If you’re looking for a comfortable experience or thinking about experimenting with bondage or rope play, these Shibari silky soft double rope wrist cuffs are a good place to start. They’re soft and easy to remove with a simple pull, rather than worrying about getting stuck in locked cuffs.

Price: $13

Editor’s note: This article is regularly updated for relevance.