The 8 best sex toys for anyone with a d**k or a butt

When it comes to our cultural understanding of male masturbation and sexuality, it’s usually in the form of dumb jokes in movies or the toxic things guys hear in locker rooms growing up. But there’s no shame in responsible sex toy use. It doesn’t mean you’re lacking, that you’re a pervert, or that you’re a sad, lonely soul. Just open your mind, and you just might have a very good time. Here are the best sex toys for men to consider, whether you’re looking to spice up your alone time or your next amorous frolic.

The best sex toys for men

1) Autoblow 2+

You live in a high tech world, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t have a high tech sex toy to match. Introducing the Autoblow 2+, a robotic blowjob machine whose motto is “who needs a human when you’ve got a triple gripping mechanism.” While the answer to that question is “almost everyone,” the Autoblow 2+ really is the next best thing.

Once you’ve inserted yourself into the Autoblox 2+’s sleeve, a series of three beaded grips move up and down your penis so you can sit back and relax. Its industrial-strength motor lasts up to 500-plus hours, while variable speeds and intensities help to make sure you’re never finished until you’re ready.

When clean up time comes, the removable sleeve pops out of the mechanism, so you’re never in danger of damaging the device. At $179.99 retail, this is an expensive investment, but if you have the money or the desire, it’s a worthy one.

sex toys for men : autoblow 2

2) The Fleshlight

If you’ve spent any amount of time watching pornography—and let’s face it, if you’re reading this list you probably have—you know the Fleshlight. The leading male sex toy in the world offers the widest variety when it comes to artificial orifices. Unlike the Autoblow, there’s no motor in the Fleshlight unless you spring for their $199 smart system the Fleshlight Launch.

Fleshlight has the most customizable options of any sex toy manufacturer on the market—offering models that come in special casts of your favorite porn stars’ and cam girls’ bodies, plus a wide range of internal textures and case styles. Like the Autoblow, Fleshlight comes with a removable sleeve for easy cleanup after each session. Just don’t put it somewhere people might look for a flashlight.

best sex toys for men : fleshlight

3) Poppers

Whether you’re on your own or entertaining company, poppers can be a pleasurable addition to any evening of sexual activity. Popularized in the gay community, poppers are technically a drug that enhances your sexual feelings. Taking a whiff from a bottle can give you a rush of sexual euphoria, make you feel incredible, and cause your muscles to relax. That includes your anal muscles if you’re looking to explore the male g-spot during your adventures.

Just make sure to use caution when huffing poppers. As with any drug, you can always take more, but too much can give you a headache or, in extreme cases, make you sick.

sex toys for men : poppers


Tantus Perfect Plug

It’s 2017; stop being afraid to play with your butt. The Tantus Perfect Plug is a beginners buttplug, offering up a way for newbies to—pardon the pun—ease into anal play. Roughly the size of an index finger, the small shape of the Tantus Perfect Plug makes it less intimidating for men who are interested in anal exploration but wary of painful first encounters. Its soft design ensures a comfortable experience, and its wide base gives you reassurance that nothing will get lost in your body. Just make sure you don’t forget to also pick up some of our next items. $19 on Amazon

sex toys for men : Tantus Perfect Plus

5) Boy Butter Lubrication

Everyone needs lube sometimes, whether you’re rocking your hand, a toy, or a partner. It’s important to remember that different activities call for different kinds of lube.

Using a condom? You’ll need to avoid oil-based lube because it destroys latex. Using a silicone toy like the Tantus Perfect Plug? Stay away from silicone-based lubes; they’ll damage your silicone toys. Your best bet is water-based lubricants, but while they don’t harm the materials you’ll be playing with, they can dry out faster.

That’s where Boy Butter comes in. The company offers a broad range of oil- and water-based lubes, including a desensitizing formula if you’re worried about finishing too soon. Their website offers a 90-day return policy and a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, so no matter what the outcome, you won’t be out your hard-earned dollars if it doesn’t end up the right product for you. $12 on Amazon

best sex toy for men : boy butter

6) Perfect Fit Play Zone Kit

If you read our guide to the best sex toys for gay men, you might have seen these rings before. There’s a reason they’re on both lists; every man should probably consider giving these a spin. Cock rings help a man last longer, sustain a harder erection, and feel enhanced pleasure over the course of their sexual experiences, whether playing alone or with a guest.

Perfect Fit’s Play Zone kit is worth splurging $40 just for the sheer variety of options that come with it. There’s nothing worse than buying a cock ring only to discover you got one that’s too tight. Simply put, a too-tight ring is the sort of safety hazard you don’t want to gamble experiencing. This kit has you covered no matter what you’ve got between your legs, with the bonus inclusion of extra large rings if you’re interested in restraining your testicles while you’re at it. $39 on Perfect Fit  

sex toy for men : perfect fit play zone

7) Jimmyjane Hello Touch X

Electrostatic stimulation has been used for 50 years as a form of muscle stimulation by physical therapists and trainers, in which electricity is used to excite nerve endings and bring about involuntary muscle contractions. For some people, this sensation is absurdly erotic, working erogenous zones unlike anything else.

Jimmyjane’s Hello Touch X combines electrostatic stimulation with classic vibration, coming with two sets of interchangeable pods depending on what kind of evening you’re looking for. Want to play with a vibrator? Put on the vibration pods. Want to explore the shocking world of electrostatic stimulation? Attach the electrodes and get ready for a good time. There’s just one catch: You’ll need to check with your doctor to make sure your heart is healthy enough to experience electroshock play before experimenting. You don’t want to discover any surprises when you’re in the middle of taking care of business. 

sex toys for men : hello touch x


Lelo Billy

Did you enjoy your first round with the Tantus Perfect Plug? Lelo’s Billy is there when you want to take things to the next level. This compact and subtle prostate vibrator is one of the best on the market, offering a broad range of speeds, intensities, and pulses to ensure you have nothing but the best experiences when playing with your butt. Its curved shape helps it easily reach your prostate, while the soft and narrow design ensures you won’t be unexpectedly flashing back to any uncomfortable trips to the doctor. Lelo offers a one-year warranty and a 10-year guarantee on the product, so if you love it, you’ll have some extra protection should your Billy ever die. $139 on Amazon

best sex toys for men : lelo billy

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