This Glass app wants to give you tips on sex—during sex

When it comes to spicing up your love life with technology, naturally the first device that comes to mind is a $1,500 pair of glasses with a camera and Internet connection.

Sex With Google Glass, a new app for Google Glass, is the brainchild of product design student Sherif Maktabi. When activated, it can help lovers experience things that they may never have dreamed—or wanted—in the bedroom. 

For example, by saying “OK, Glass, help me choose,” the app will suggest several different sexual positions. No more consulting the Kama Sutra! Presumably, this feature defaults to a “lonely masturbation” setting, which is almost assuredly what will happen if you ask an app for help in the middle of pleasuring your partner.

Perhaps the app’s most interesting—and terrifying—feature is the ability to use Glass’s built-in camera to capture a sex session from multiple angles, thus adding a whole new dimension to the homemade sex tape. Prior to this, lovers could only enjoy sex from one angle, as porn star James Deen demonstrated in July 2013.

What’s more, if both lovers are wearing the device (because what feisty young couple does not have relations without the lurking, obvious presence of Glass?), each one can experience the lovemaking from the other’s perspective! That’s right: You can now have sex and look at yourself the entire time! 

Again, chances are, the only option will be to look at yourself anyway, as your partner will likely run from the room, terrified, if this is even suggested.

Google has not yet officially endorsed the app or made it available for Glass. While the argument can be made for the clinical side of intimacy, Google has made no secret of its stance on pornographic and explicit apps. In June 2013, the company banned all NSFW content on the day that the porn app Tits and Glass was released.

If Sex With Google Glass does explode in popularity, the number of different applications will almost certainly plunge deeper and deeper into the realm of possibility.

H/T Express / Photo via lawrencegs/Flickr