Men are playing with their food on TikTok—and the results are a little gross

The kitchen, it’s had a misogynistic chokehold on women since its inception. We’ve come a long way since the ads of the 1950s and ’60s that sold housewives the idea of how to be a perfect woman through preparing food. The stereotype of men not even being able to make a sandwich, and women needing to go make them one, has luckily died. But some men have taken their proficiency in the food realm too far—and they can be found in a new “sexy” viral video trend on TikTok

There’s long been an association between sex and food. People get weird, and sensual experiences are linked. Just look at the Paris Hilton’s Carl’s Jr. commercial from 2005 for reference of how the combination has been commodified. But no matter what you feel like doing behind closed doors with food (we don’t kink shame!), I don’t need to see grown men sensually playing with their culinary creations for likes on the internet.

@thedonutdaddy Roll it tight and fill it right #croissant #butter #raspberry Bicoloured hand rolled and baked Raspberry lemon croissant filled with raspberry lemon curd. Almond croissant, filled with almond frangipane garnished with toasted almond slices. Recipes coming soon #crossiant #pastry #bicolour #bicolor #crossiant #filling #jam #sweet #raspberry #bake #bakery #desserts #filling #lemon #curd #croissant #chef #pastrychef #pastries #howto #recipe ♬ Armageddon – Dr. Fresch

If you haven’t been cursed by the videos in your feed yet, feel lucky. In the TikToks, what starts out as a cooking tutorial turns into shirtless mayhem. Dough is fingered, knives get licked, citrus is squirted, sauces are slurped. It’s an ASMR nightmare, and beyond that just embarrassing for all humans who eat. It’s giving big American Pie energy (IYKYK). 


The kitchen is for dancing! ✋🏻 *stunts preformed by professional, do not attempt 🫶🏼🤣

♬ positions – Ariana Grande

What’s most frustrating is that if women were getting porn-y with food on the internet, it would quickly be relegated to OnlyFans. Not to mention the hellscape that would be the comments sections filled with people berating said women for attention-seeking. But when men do it, suddenly it’s cute—somehow wholesome even. Women are flocking to the comments to fawn, saying, “I need to stop falling in love with men who are good with their hands making food” and “I swear I know there’s food in here. I just can’t…pay attention to what it is.”

I typically subscribe to a live-and-let-live mentality. Let your freak flag fly. Do your thing. But men getting praised for learning basic cooking skills and then turning them into salacious sexy videos is just silly. As long as the stereotype exists that women should “get back in the kitchen,” I’m going to start a new one that men should put a shirt on while they’re in one as well. 

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