Anonymous’s signature look just got a lot sexier

Guy Fawkes mask-wearing individuals are sexy too.

This is the premise behind the not-safe-for-work Sexy Fawkes Tumblr, which features both men and women in Guy Fawkes masks, sometimes naked, other times in stylish dress.

(WARNING: The photo collection is very graphic, and includes nudity and other sexual images that could get you fired.)

Launched about three months ago, Sexy Fawkes states in an early post it is a sister site of ”Your Anon News” and published a screen grab of Google analytics revealing 160,000 page views (three months ago). The Sexy Fawkes Twitter account has more than 5,000 followers, as well as additional, safe-for-work photos of sexy Guy Fawkes mask wearers. 

Guy Fawkes masks have been all the rage ever since  the hackivist group Anonymous adopted the look in 2008.

A representative from Sexy Fawkes was unavailable for comment at press time.

Photo via Sexy Fawkes Tumblr