16 sexy Halloween costumes to win over any room

Halloween is the best time of year to bare (almost) all in the name of dressing up. There is not a single look that can’t be turned around into sexy Halloween costumes when you want to keep things both spooky and spicy.

Whether you’re interested in going with one of the classics or thinking a little outside of the box, we’re here to suggest intriguing costume ideas that will turn heads and keep things exciting for any costume lover looking for an excuse to shake things up this Halloween.

Trick or treat? Why not both?

The best sexy Halloween costumes for your spooky season

1) Sexy Nurse Costume

Helloooooo, nurse! When it comes to turning a familiar garment into something more sultry, there’s nothing more classic than dressing up as this. People won’t think twice about asking for a doctor if you show up looking like this, ready to tend to their every need.

2) Officer Sexy Costume

If evoking a position of authority is more your speed, some handcuffs and a shiny (fake) badge might be your ideal look to keep troublemakers in check as you party the night away. Officer Sexy provides more of a public service than the real police ever could.

3) Captivating Prisoner Costume 

Living on the other side of the law is also an option — as far as costumes go, anyway. Orange is still the new black, but you can get just as delinquent with classic black and white stripes if jailhouse rock is more the vibe you’re going for. 

4) Sultry Devil Costume

Continuing the themes of naughty vs nice, donning a devilish wardrobe is perfectly in line with what Halloween is all about. Keep it classy with horns and pentagrams to summon potential suitors, or stand out from the crowd as a demon temptress instead.

5) Devious Angel Costume

woman in sexy angel costume

Who said the Devil gets to have all the fun? An angel can tease her wild side just as well, no matter what impression that halo leaves. Or you can just split the difference, dressing up as an angel of darkness, keeping everyone guessing when you walk into the room.

6) Wicked Witch Costume

Witches may be popular year round now, but that doesn’t mean Halloween isn’t the perfect time to bring out the cauldron and whip up a brew to have all guys and gals lusting after your every move. Just keep an eye out for any black cats you might encounter trick or treating — for you, they’re only good luck.

7) Giddyup Cowgirl Costume

Although it’s better to leave the actual gunslinging to fictional cowboys and cowgirls, there’s no reason not to dress the part. Whether you’re on the hunt for a cowboy to keep you warm at night or just looking for a place to park your horse for the night, a pair of boots and a proper hat will get you where you want to go.

8) Sexy Maid Costume

Keep it anything but clean in a sexy maid getup, perfect for prompting all the most eligible suitors and bossy bachelors to fantasize about what could happen when you finally set that feather duster down.

9) Playboy Bunny Costume

Dressing up as a Playboy Bunny is fairly iconic as far as sexy Halloween costumes go. There are plenty of variations to choose from, and not a single one will leave any question as to whether you’re up to party with the best of them all night long.

10) Flirtatious Bunny Costume

Love bunnies but feel like Playboy has become a little overdone? Fortunately, Hugh Hefner’s brand doesn’t have a full monopoly on rabbit imagery during spooky season. You can still keep things playful and sexy with a regular sultry bunny ensemble — and this idea even comes particularly well-suited for plus-size looks as well, without sacrificing the sex appeal in the process.

11) Naughty Pirate Costume

Sailing the seven seas has never sounded so good. Whether you want to take charge as a pirate captain or just join the quest for booty alongside your pirate pals, swashbuckling your way through any Halloween event with a look so fresh people will be walking the plank just to take a look your way.

12) Sinful Nun Costume

Sacrilege looks positively scrumptious with a nun costume fit for the most unrepentant of sinners. Say your prayers and leave the convent behind with this look, feeling confident in the knowledge that every glass of wine you drink at your Halloween party technically counts as communion now.

13) Chilling Clown Costume

Stephen King’s IT, but make it sexy. Leave people terrified, turned on, and maybe even a little traumatized by going as a horny murderous clown this spooky season. Bonus points if you get someone to announce every entrance with a red balloon floating mysteriously through the crowd.

14) Tinkerbell Costume (for Adults Only!)

Do you believe in magic? If so, try a sexy Tinkerbell costume on for size, evoking a fantasy world where nobody ever has to grow up or go home. After all, Disney isn’t just for kids — especially on Halloween.

15) Sexy Velma Costume

Scooby-Doo’s resident brainiac has always been a vivacious vixen in her own right, but if you want to make your take on her fit the more traditionally sexy mold, that’s not difficult to do. Pair up with Fred, Shaggy, or Daphne for a couples costume look and you’re good to go. Jinkies!

16) Harley Quinn Costume

Gotham’s harbinger of chaos looks good in any iteration, and if this particularly Harley doesn’t do it for ya, there are plenty of others that will. Whether you’re spending your nights with Poison Ivy or Mistah J, there won’t be any clowning around once you show up looking like the hottest harlequin in any fictional town.