Shape of Beauty redefines glamour and beauty standards in porn

If you’re a fan of Courtney Trouble, Angela White, Alexa Grey, Kacey Parker, Karla Lane or any other plus size porn model, you’ll be ecstatic to know that you can now find their features all in one place: Shape of Beauty.

The recently launched HD porn site was formerly the dedicated Adult Time BBW channel. But now it’s available all on its own––with exclusive content, new releases, and never before seen scenes. If you have an Adult Time membership, you’ll be able to access the site with your Adult Time login. But if you’re not a member, you should consider becoming one! Not only will you gain access to Shape of Beauty’s exclusive content, but a membership to the site also unlocks content from Adult Time partners (more on that later). As the site’s tagline says, it’s positively sexy!

What is Shape of Beauty?

Brought to you by the popular adult site Adult Time, Shape of Beauty began as a channel in 2018. It was inspired by modern plus size photography and fashion, showcasing BBW erotica. The goal of the channel was to shed society’s stereotype of fat bodies being unattractive or only hot to fetishists. By showcasing these performers in glamourous and sensual adult content, Shape of Beauty has been able to pave the way for body positivity in porn.

shape of beauty

Soon after launching on Adult Time, this channel captivated users from all over the country. The solution was clear: continue producing content. But all of this content needs a place to go, and that’s how the Shape of Beauty site was born. Its empowering and elevated standards for porn have been a such a huge success for this site. It’s only a matter of time before other studios hop on board and start producing body positive porn for themselves.

Shape of Beauty cost

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A monthly membership starts at $14.95 your first month, then $19.95 per month after that. Or you can subscribe for a full year for $119.40 if you pay at once. That averages out to $9.95 per month.

Membership benefits

Access to all of Adult Time and Shape of Beauty content 

By joining Shape of Beauty, you’ll have access to content from all of its related partners. So not only are you unlocking all of the Karla Lane videos that exist, you’re gaining a library so expansive you’ll never need another porn membership.

Since Shape of Beauty is a relatively new thing, right now there are only 14 videos available to stream. However, with your newfound membership, you’ll be able to explore over 50,000 videos, hundreds of channels, and check in to the live stream in real time. Talk about a sweet deal! 

Tasteful body positive representation of performers with different builds

shape of beauty

What I love the most about Shape of Beauty is its unabashed portrayal of empowered, sensual plus-sized performers. It’s hard to find representation in the adult film industry that doesn’t come off as fetishisation or degradation, especially when individuals who deviate from society’s “norm” are involved. You won’t find offensive titles or suggestive screengrabs that play to a problematic and fatphobic crowd on Shape of Beauty. This is a site for those looking for beautiful, sexy, and compelling storylines featuring fuller figure models. The site is all about recognizing how gorgeous plus-sized bodies are, especially when they’re in their element and enjoying themselves. 

Membership Cons

Needs more diversity

While the desire to create quality BBW erotica content is commendable, Shape of Beauty still needs to work on its performer diversity outside of body type. When it comes to race and gender, a lot of the performers featured right now are white and ciswomen. There’s nothing wrong with being white or cisgender, but when that’s all your site showcases? Well, that’s doing a disservice to so many people.

shape of beauty

As important as this is, the site is new and we are still in a pandemic. So I understand the limited content available. But if in a few months from now, if this site is releasing new content that is still white washed, that’s a problem. Moving forward it’s important that Shape of Beauty incorporate more racial diversity. As well, the theme of showing a plus-sized woman having sex with a chiseled man and not someone who is also breaking stereotypical porn beauty standards will send the wrong message if continued. That’s not to say thick women don’t screw buff men regularly IRL, but how many Hercules-built men do you know in real life? That’s my point. We need body positivity on all ends of the gender spectrum, thank you.

Some of Adult Time’s old content might turn heads

While Shape of Beauty stands alone in this respect, many of Adult Time’s other content sports somewhat offensive titling. For example, “Fat Girl gets Special Treatment by Several Mature Men” and “A Man of Large Appetites” are just not it. Both of these titles suggest many things, none of which are good. The problems here stem from the idea that plus-sized folks are a fetishist’s desire or relegated to people with experience. 

If Adult Time and its partners are so dedicated to the body positive porn movement, it would either rename (or better yet, take down) the cringey and offensive content.

Is Shape of Beauty worth it? 

Yes! Shape of Beauty is most definitely worth subscribing to. If getting to see respectful porn featuring full-figure entertainers is something you’ve been on the lookout for, I highly recommend giving Shape of Beauty a chance. Even though there are only over a dozen videos on the site, more is coming! And the content available now is well worth your cash.

Despite some of the problematic content on some of Adult Time’s outdated channels and partners, supporting a site that empowers people is the best way to stick it to the other (offensive) guys.