Woo-hoo, ‘The Sims’ is getting a first-person mode, and fans are already plotting devious things

Everyone who has ever played The Sims knows where each household eventually ends up: with every family member trapped in a bathroom with no toilet awaiting their inevitable demise. Now, like some sort of evil, soul-possessing demon,a new Sims first-person mode will let you watch them croak (or do other things) through their very own eyes.

OK, you can also do regular Sims things, like cook, clean, pet a cat, or decorate a bedroom with pink arm restraints for the more adventurous lovers out there. We’ll see if you can actually “woo-hoo” in the bedroom in due time, I’m sure.

The new view is included as part of a free update set to release on Nov. 13, including a new “style influencer” career path, just before the “Get Famous” expansion releases on the 16th.

Folks have already got some interesting (read: mildly devious) ideas on how they’re going to put the new first-person mode to the test. One mom is clearly looking forward to installing the Wicked Whims mod, which expands The Sims options for sexy time. Here’s hoping you don’t scar the little ones, ma’am.


In the interest of keeping things not-entirely-adults-only, Sims global community manager “SimGuru Kate” and Maxis build engineer Steve Lansing mentioned on a recent Twitch stream that players will be able to use the first-person view to give house tours, as well as utilize it in fan-made “machinima” videos. I’m sure fans will keep things strictly HGTV levels of family-friendly.

Then, of course, there are the more, ahem, aggressive folks.


Godspeed, you brave adventurers. Things are about to get weird.


H/T Mashable