34 smoking hot gifts for stoners

If you don’t smoke weed, finding suitable stoner gifts for your friends can be challenging. Hell, even if you do smoke weed, finding gifts for stoners that are worth puff, puff, passing still isn’t the easiest feat! I mean, aside from actual weed gifts, what is there to give? A lot, actually–you just need to put on your creativity cap (and maybe put the J down).

But if you don’t have a creative bone in your body, I’ll let you borrow mine (just not in some creepy Adam and Eve way). Instead, I’ve compiled a list of the best stoner gifts for him, her, they, them, ze, zir, and hir. You can bet your dollar any pot enthusiast would appreciate one of these truly unique holiday gifts.

Best stoner gifts you can buy online

1) Give them the gift of figuring out what strains and dosages work best for their body with a cannabis DNA test

Image showing what's in the Cannabis DNA Test. Features two swabs, an envelope and a mail-away box.

In 2020, it’s easier to get an at-home DNA test than a test for COVID-19. While this is certainly problematic, it’s also a beautifully ironic ode to America’s priorities. Things that help an individual are abundant, but products that benefit the collective? That’s socialism!

In an attempt to not steer the conversation too politically, I bring to you the only DNA test I would ever consider taking: Dynamic DNA Labs’ Cannabis DNA test. Unlike other genetic tests that focus on your lineage, this one determines how your body metabolizes and reacts to cannabis products.

The test will help users understand how their genes metabolize cannabis can help them achieve the optimal experience while minimizing undesired side effects and boosting cannabis health benefits. All of which is traced back to the expression of 13 genetic traits that are responsible for how your body reacts to THC and CBD.

Add this to your next stoner gift basket to help the marijuana users in your life pick the right product and ensure that take the correct dosage. This DNA test is a perfect gift for people that may have recently expressed interest in marijuana, those who just received their MMJ card, and even well-seasoned smokers.

Price: $129

2) Dad Grass pre-rolls will make any smoker’s holiday

Dad Grass CBD pre rolls five pack

If the person in question is your designated roller, give them something that will show just how much you appreciate their skills. Dad Grass’ CBD pre-rolls will do just that. Currently, the company is offering limited edition holiday packaging so if you also lack wrapping skills, don’t worry about it.

A little bit about Dad Grass: the company only sources certified organic hemp responsibly grown in the U.S.A. and all-natural paper for its CBD joints. Dad Grass joints can be purchased solo as a King Size (approx. 1 gram of CBD) or in a pack of five 0.7 gram joints. Weed gifts don’t always have to get you high, sometimes they chill you out.

Price: $10-$70

3) Get a gift card to one of the hottest online shops for stoners, Daily High Club

stoner gifts

Shopping for glass and other smoking accessories that aren’t intended for you is hard. There are so many questions you’re forced to ask–would they prefer water pipes to a bowl? What kind of papers do they like? Or are they a wrap person? Luckily, with Daily High Club (DHC), you can skip all the nuisances and get to the good stuff: giving a great stoner gift. DHC offers a stoner box (for as little as $1/month if you choose to send a subscription).

As well as exclusive products in partnership with various celebs, DHC merch, and other products for potheads that you’ll only find online! So not only do you have to option to pick something out, but you can also buy an eGift card that will be emailed directly to the recipient and is valid for everything Daily High Club has to offer.  

Price: $4.20 to $420 

4) Put a smile on their face with a Stona Lisa tapestry

stoner gifts

Next up on our list of weed gifts is this iconic piece of wall decor. What could be better than the famous smile lady not smirking but lighting up a J instead??? I’ll wait…

Price: $38

5) This sleepy stoner kit set will keep them cozy for days to come

stoner gifts

Besides fighting off munchies, every stoner can agreed on one thing: some strains hit us harder than we’d like. When this happens, we need to nap. It doesn’t matter where we are, what our plans were, or who we’re with.

When a terpene-induced nap calls, this dope stoner kit will answer in style. It includes a red-eye mask, a patterned neck pillow, and ear plugs to drown out your surroundings.

Price: $4.99

6) Foria’s CBD bath salts are the perfect gift for stoners who like to soak while they smoke

Foria CBD bath salts scattered around its packaging show how luxurious Foria products are.

Foria is a beloved intimacy brand that develops CBD and THC blended products. While the company offers a lot of great stuff, I recommend taking a look at the Holiday CBD Intimacy Collection.

It’s a limited edition stoner gift basket featuring three full-size Foria products for 20% off the regular price! The stoner box includes the bestselling Awaken Arousal Oil, Intimacy Natural Lubricant with CBD, and our all-new Intimacy Bath Salts with CBD & Cacao.

The bath salts are a personal favorite of mine, they smell amazing and leave me feeling relaxed and pampered (they even come with their own sachet so it’s mess-free, too!).

Price: $114 for the Holiday Intimacy Collection, $52 for just the bath salts

7) Stoner gifts for the person who has trouble sleeping: CBD Living’s sleep aid syrups

A four once bottle of CBD Living's Grape Unwind Nighttime Sleep Aid Syrup

Whether the pot enthusiast in question has discussed taking a T-break or just wants to cut back on how much they’re smoking, their ability to fall asleep may be hindered. Or maybe they just have a sucky sleep pattern to begin with, either way, you should really consider gifting them a CBD + melatonin sleep aid syrup by CBD Living.

Not only is this the first syrup-based product I’ve come across, but it actually works. I will say it might work a little too well? Yes, I get the best-uninterrupted sleep of my life with it, but sometimes I wake up feeling groggy. So if you don’t have at least 8 hours to snooze it off, you may need an extra cup of coffee come the morning.

It’s available in two flavors, grape and cherry. I prefer the grape because it reminds me of Children’s Motrin, but that’s just a very odd personal preference. Best of all, it’s vegan!

Price: $15

8) Keep their smoking secret safe with Cannabolish products

stoner gifts

Weed’s downfall is its very unique and pungent odor. So if you can’t afford to buy your pal a Pax, Cannabolish might be your solution. Available in a misting spray and a candle, Cannabolish is made with plant oils and water so it’s all-natural and proven safe.

You can expect it to smell a bit like wintergreen, citronella, and root beer. It takes advantage of plant terpenes and uses them to neutralize the terpenes found in marijuana smoke (which is what causes your room or car to reek).

Best of all, since it uses all-natural ingredients instead of cancer-causing chemicals, you won’t need to leave the room immediately or worry about your health after spraying it–so long, Ozium! 

Price: $14.99-$29.99

9) The Blazy Susan weed tray is a gift for stoners that dare to be organized

One of those organizational stoner accessories, the Blazy Susan is circular and finished with silicone inserts as well as carved crevices meant to hold a grinder, papers, pre-rolls, lighters, and any other weed accessories you could think of.

No matter what I say, nothing will do the Blazy Susan justice. This is not just any tabletop organizer, no. It’s a rolling tray, a weed ashtray, a paper organizer, a piece protector, a joint holder, a dab station, and one of the nicest stoner accessories I’ve ever come across. It’s the perfect gift for smokers.

The spinning organizer is modeled after a lazy susan, so it turns for easy access, sharing, and showing off. It’s also nearly customizable since buyers can pick the wood style (walnut, birch, or pink) and color of the silicone inserts.

No matter what you pick, it’s destined to be gorgeous. Blazy Susan also crafts signature pink papers, tips, and cones that even Elle Woods would approve of.

Price: $89.99-$154.99 (depending on wood and insert styles)

10) Help them achieve a youthful glow with hemp face masks

stoner gifts

Ever wondered why Avril Lavigne looks like she hasn’t aged? It’s the weed. Want to learn more about hemp and CBD skincare? Read our guide here.  

Price: $15.99

11) Finding Your Higher Self: Your Guide to Cannabis for Self-Care by Sophie Saint Thomas

stoner gifts

Everyone needs a little TLC, but Caribbean author Sophie Saint Thomas teaches you how to incorporate what her culture considers to be a sacred and powerful plant into your self-care routines for added benefit. This guide is an amazing gift for people who have recently been introduced to marijuana because not only does it offer some really great suggestions on how to incorporate weed into “me time,” but it details all the lingo of stoner culture without being condescending.

The book starts by teaching readers about weed–discussing the strains, ways cannabis can be consumed, and its medicinal effects. Then it goes on to detail the best practices for reaping all the benefits of THC and CBD by category–mind, body, and spirit. Some of the activities suggested in the book are guides to meditation and cannabis oil massage, instructions on how to rid yourself of self-doubt and write positive incantations, and so much more! 

Price: $13.99

12) This is how waking and baking is *supposed* to be done

stoner gifts

Highly recommended by over a dozen users, this coffee mug pipe combo is so delectable you may as well pick up a spare for yourself! 

Price: $19.97-$24.95

13) GoLove CBD lube will slide you into The Best Gifter of the Year spot

GoLove CBD lube and Womanizer vibrator bundle displayed next to a snowflake and ornament

If you’re new to cannabis or lube, you might want to hold onto your chair for this weed gift suggestion. While these products are usually recommended for people who have pain with sex, anyone can benefit from them. Want to know more about weed lube? Be sure to read my guide to CBD lube. That said, GoLove CBD is one of the best lubricants I’ve ever tried. It’s safe to use with sex toys, won’t stain your sheets, and intensifies pleasure. Cannabis products and sex practically go hand and hand! The site is currently offering 15% off your purchase with code GLIDE15. Additionally, GoLove teamed up with Womanizer for an exclusive holiday sex toy bundle, what pothead wouldn’t want to be gifted CBD lube and a new sex toy?!

Price: $249.95 for the Womanizer bundle, $68 for a full-size bottle of CBD lube, $5 for sample packets of lube

14) B GREAT makes stoner gifts for smokers that want the most

B GREAT CBD Focus shots wrapped in a bow to show the site offers pre-packaged gift baskets for stoners and CBD enthusiasts alike.

CBD is no THC, and I know it doesn’t get you high. But it does provide a lot of the same health benefits. However, B GREAT products go a step further. The company formulates all of its full-spectrum CBD products with other terpenes, vitamins, minerals, and supplements to offer a truly unique experience.

The Immunity Gummies are a great stress reliever and preventative as we enter cold and flu season. I also recommend the Focus and Relax shots (but of all the products, the Focus Shots are by far my favorite! It tastes like a passionfruit punch, and keeps me awake and alert).

B GREAT also offers a variety of bundles and gift baskets for stoners looking to switch up their terpene profile. From skin care products to energizing CBD concoctions and bedtime cocktails, you can’t go wrong with B GREAT total body wellness products. Save 15% off your order by using code HOLIDAY15 at checkout.

Price: $13-$110

stoner gifts

To illustrate just how much your buddy loves weed, we’ve found this lovely cookie cutter. Because as they say, you are what you eat! Designed with stainless steel, this three-piece pot leaf cookie cutter set won’t rust and is ideal for all baking needs. It can cut through brownies, cookie dough, fruit, fondant, sandwiches, etc. without fail.   

Price: $6.99 (regularly $8.49)

16) Extract Labs gift baskets for stoners will make anyone’s holiday

A screen shot of Extract Labs gift baskets for stoners available on the site. It includes CBD coffee pods, CBD tinctures, bath bombs, and soft gels.

Extract Labs is a veteran-owned company that’s pumping out some of the best CBD products on the market. I personally love the CBD muscle cream, I use it on my forehead when I have a migraine, my abdomen when I have cramps, and anywhere else I’m achy.

The brand also just released CBD coffee in K-cup form, so if you know a stoner that works their hands to the bone Bearded Man Coffee is definitely for them. But if you can’t decide what products work best, Extract Labs has designed a bunch of gift baskets for stoners and CBD-enthusiasts alike to make your job extra easy.

Price: $57-$108

17) Give them a reason to chill with CBD-infused Honey Sticks

stoner gifts

Perfect for the individual that’s always on the go, JustCBD’s individually wrapped honey sticks contain 10mg of CBD each and provide a relaxed, euphoric vibe to an otherwise nervewracking day. Seriously, anger and emotional turmoil just don’t exist with thanks to these puppies–you can quote me on that. 

While my favorite is the original Honey Sticks, JustCBD recently released three flavored honey sticks for people looking for more than just sweetness. Choose from Cinnamon Honey CBD, Grape Honey CBD, and Sour Blue Raspberry CBD Honey sticks.

Price: $9.99-$250

18) The Raw Trident triples smoking capabilities

stoner gifts

This is one of those weed accessories that when you see it, you still can’t believe it. For those of you who may be confused, yes this is a three-joint piece. It’s made for King Triton type smokers who want to really optimize their smoke seshes for maximum efficiency.

Price: $15.48 (regularly $24.99)

19) For a more inconspicuous gift, this handmade bracelet should fare well

stoner gifts

If your friendship survived 2020, it’s worth commemorating.

Price: $18

20) WhAt Do VeGaNs EaT???? Everything in this book, ya fool

stoner gifts

Not trying to gift them yet another smoking accessory? We’ve got you. Filled to the brim with tasty, vegan edible recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and of course, snacks! Who knew eating your greens could be so easy? And if you’re looking for even more ways to cook with weed, check out our roundup of the best marijuana-friendly cookbooks

Price: $14.59 (regularly $16.99) 

21) Upsy CBD Rocket Fuel Blend is the gift for potheads who never stop smoking

Box of Upsy Rocket Fuel CBD beverage blend

If the person you’re trying to find a gift for seems to have one hobby and that’s smoking weed, you’ll want to make sure Upsy’s Rocket Fuel beverage blend is at the top of your list of potential stoner gifts.

Each pack of this proprietary blend contains 20mg of CBD isolate, 150mg of caffeine, and 100mg of theanine. So no matter what the day calls for, they can get through it–high or not. It’s as simple as adding the packet to 16 oz of water and stirring before it’s time to enjoy!

Price: $49 for a pack of 10 individual sachets

22) Make CAH deck less of a dub with the Weed Pack expansion

stoner gifts

Cards Against Humanity donates all their profits from this expansion to the Marijuana Policy Project!!!

Price: $7

23) If they’re a joker, smoker and midnight toker, what they need is Toking Hazard

stoner gifts

One of the most underrated gifts for stoners isn’t a weed accessory, it’s a card game! They’ll need the base game to play with this expansion deck, so make sure you grab that first.

Then you can take it to the next level with this addition which takes everything reviewers love about the create-your-own-comic game and makes it a little more potent with high-larious 4/20-related humor. 

Price: $10

24) Cannabis connoisseurs would love the Goldleaf Taster Journal

stoner gifts

This little thing may look like nothing more than a notebook, but it’s actually the perfect stoner gift for people in both legal and illegal states. The logbook is designed with specific pages for any user to note names of strains, its qualities, likes and dislikes.

There are even infographics and other guides to help authors really get into the nitty-gritty of their bud. 

Price: $16.99

25) Give the gift of discretion with a Smoke Buddy Personal Air Filter

stoner gifts

Not everyone has cool parents or the advantage of living in a legal state, which can create a bit of chaos as weed’s biggest flaw is the fact that is reeks. However, the Smoke Buddy strips the smoke of weed smell (and won’t fill your lungs with chemicals like the old DIY toilet paper roll and dryer sheet combo).

That means you can confidently rip one in hotels, your childhood bedroom, and even a dorm room without danking the place out. 

Price: $18.80 (regularly $19.95) 

26) Need gifts for stoners who seem to have everything? Try Sweet Reason CBD-infused beverages

Sweet Reason's Evening Sampler contains three flavors of tea-like CBD beverages in decorative glass bottles.

Sweet Reason CBD-infused beverages were practically made for stoner gift baskets. The presentation of the bottles plus the contents is an immediate win-win. I know I’ve mentioned CBD a lot on this list and that’s because it really does make a great gift.

Especially the beverages by Sweet Reason which use a blend of CBD, calming herbs, and adaptogens to really amplify the unwinding experience. It’s the perfect beverage to clear your throat of a hot dab or even just sip on throughout the workday. Plus, the bottles are so pretty you don’t even need to wrap them!

Sweet Reason beverages are currently offered in seven flavors, three of which taste similar to tea (this would be the Peach Jasmine, Plum Blush, and Citrus Spice) while the other four (Strawberry Lavender, Cucumber Mint, Lemon Rhubarb, and Grapefruit) mock a seltzer.

Price: $35.99-$44.99 for a 6-pack

27) Gifts for potheads that live together: This card game will turn up the heat

Party card game Drunk, Stoned, or Stupid is a great gift for potheads that live together

If you’re a fan of making fun of your friends, you’ll love this NSFW party game. Played similarly to Cards Against Humanity, each round a card is drawn and every player gets a say as to which player would be most likely to do whatever is on the card and why.

Then the player who receives the most votes wins that card and the player with the most cards loses the game. Buyer beware…this game isn’t for those that are easily offended.

Price: $18

28) One of the best stoner gifts: A three-chamber grinder

An Aerospaced three-chamber grinder shown disassembled to show how worthwhile and easy it is to use this weed accessory.

One of the weed accessories you don’t want to skimp on is a grinder. Cheaply made grinders won’t grind your bud right, leaving it mangled and rendering the kief useless. The finer the weed is ground, the better it will cherry (burn) and if you get a three-chamber grinder, you’ll collect kief.

Which for those of you who don’t know what that is or why it matters, kief is the cumulation of the outermost layer of cannabis crystals (trichomes) and they get you very high. You can pack just a bowl of kief if you’re out of weed (not recommended unless you have A LOT of kief as it burns very quickly), or you can sprinkle it on the top of a packed piece or in a roll–a little goes a long way, friends. 

I recommend Aerospaced grinders because they’re made incredibly well and are large enough to fit those big nugs but not too big that it’ll weigh your pocket down. It’s also double-threaded which makes locking it in place and grinding super easy.

Aerospaced grinders are designed with a kief catcher and every one comes with a kief scraper and magnetic lid so you can pregrind your bud for the day and store it in the piece without the worry of spillage. I wouldn’t go tossing the grinder around like a football, but in the eight years I’ve had mine, she’s only done me well! 

Price: $14.99

29) You can never go wrong with weed gadgets like the Raw rolling kit

stoner gifts

Some people prefer to roll a fatty over packing a glass piece, which is their prerogative. The only problem is it’s way less cost-effective. And running out to get papers last minute because you forgot you used the last one yesterday, kinda sucks.

Help ’em out by gifting them a bundle like this Raw Rolling Kit which includes three different packs of papers, a weed tray, a bunch of filters and tips, a 10-foot hemp wick, a few travel containers, a basic grinder, rolling machine, and an airtight/waterproof/smell-proof case that also doubles as a rolling tray. 

Price: $29.95

30) A lil box of weed goes a long way!

stoner gifts

If you (unfortunately) live in an illegal state, this might be the only stoner box of weed you can gift without worrying about the c*ps.

Price: $8.95

31) OLIKA hand sanitizer spray should be included in every stoner kit

OLIKA Hand sanitizing spray keychain in lavender

Whether you live in an apartment or with mom and dad, there’s a good chance you sneak outside for a smoke and that’s the very reason you need a good hand sanitizer–especially in 2020. Touching communal doors, a dirty steering wheel, nasty elevator buttons, whatever the case your hands aren’t as clean as they should be before you light up.

Think about it, your hands touch your piece or they roll for you, so whatever is on your hands ends up in your weed (and consequently, your lungs). Easiest way to avoid breathing in the nasties is by sanitizing your hands before you touch anything you need to smoke. But not just any hand sani will do, we are entering winter so rubbing alcohol on your hands will just dry them out faster than the cold.

Enter: OLIKA. It’s cruelty-free and vegan, doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, is refillable, and gluten-free. OLIKA hand sanitizer is also hydrating (thanks aloe vera!) and scented with essential oils so the fragrance won’t be overwhelming or linger longer than desired like some others I can think of (cough, cough Bath and Bodyworks).

I’m currently using the Lavender version, and I swear, I’m never trying another hand sanitizer again. Better yet, OLIKA is a spray which I know sounds nominal, but trust me, it’s a total gamechanger. Plus, some OLIKA products even come with a keychain so you can connect it to your keys and never worry about your short term memory deceiving you again.

Price: $29.94 for a six-pack

32) Valfré’s ceramic ashtray is perfect for the stoner with a sense of humor

Valfre's ceramic pink ashtray with a clown and the words "i'm high" painted on it.

Weed accessories like ashtrays are great gifts because it’s not something someone wants to buy for themselves, but it’s something they need. And if you score one of Valfré’s ashtrays, it will perfectly balance your thoughtfulness with their soft but edgy aesthetic.

My personal favorite is the clown ashtray with the words “I’m high” painted next to it. No wonder Pennywise claims everyone floats down there, they’re all stoned!

Price: $25

33) Moose Labs’ MouthPeace and mini filters are perfect for the smoker that loves to share

MouthPeace and Mini Filters by Moose Labs
Moose Labs

Sharing rolled experiences in 2020 is a no-go, even for people that live in close quarters. Between COVID and the flu, people just don’t want to risk it. But if you miss busting one down with your partner or roomie, this little gadget by Mooselabs may just cut down on your germ fears.

The silicone mouthpieces are designed with disposable filters that’ll cut the harsh resins and tar, so you won’t cough up a lung after inhaling. But what’s really cool about this is that the MouthPeace is a personal mouthpiece, so you slide it onto your joint or blunt before and then stick that piece in your mouth before inhaling.

Once you’ve puffed and are ready to pass, just go ahead and remove the MouthPeace. This way your lips never touch the roll and you can share joints, blunts, e-cigs, and vapes without sharing germs!

Price: $9.99+

34) High Hemp Wraps will change the lives of those who prefer to smoke blunts

People have their smoking preferences and if you’re going to get them a weed gift, it should represent that. So if you know someone who loves a good blunt, turn them onto High Hemp Wraps!

These herbal wraps don’t contain any of the tobacco or other nasty chemicals as regular wraps, and they burn smoother and slower than any paper. Rolling with them is just like any other dutch, except you don’t have to gut it! So not only will High Hemp wraps save your lungs from the nasty tobacco garbage, but they’ll save you time too.

They’re available in a variety of flavors, all of which taste great (but you can never go wrong with the Berry, IMHO) and are infused with CBD.

What I also love about High Hemp Co. is that they make CBD hemp cone wraps, too. So if you have a friend who loves a good blunt but can’t roll one for the life of them, well, I think I’ve found your solution.

Price: $1.99-$15.99


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