This female ejaculation video game is fighting U.K. porn laws

This story contains sexually explicit content and may be NSFW.

This Friday, adult performers and sex workers in the U.K. gathered outside Parliament for a pretty hilarious face-sitting demonstration to protest against the British government’s regulations prohibiting pornographic depictions of face-sitting and female ejaculation, among other sex acts.

But over on this side of the pond, the XXX video game developer MiKandi (NSFW) took a different tactic. To protest against the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) regulations, MiKandi just came out with Squirt Alert!, an absurd video game where a female avatar takes aim at British legislators—in the messiest, most literal, NSFW way possible.




According to Jennifer McEwen, one of the co-founders of MiKandi, the purpose of the game is simple: To squirt on as many porn opponents as possible in the allotted amount of time. At the end of the game, the avatar says “Take that! Female ejaculation for the win!” in a plummy British accent.

McEwen says her team was inspired to create the game after hearing about the BBFC’s regulations, which also prohibit “urolagnia” (urination), the use of bondage , and fisting, earlier this month.

“We find the recent UK porn production regulations to be very sexist, but the ban on female ejaculation is the height of its hypocrisy,” she told the Daily Dot via email. “Women performers are prohibited from cumming on their co-stars’ bodies, but male performers aren’t subject to the same restrictions.”

The new BBFC regulations are loosely based on guidelines from the Obscene Publications Act of 1959, a 55-year-old obscenity law. While DVD retailers have always been prohibited from depicting “obscene” acts like fisting and face-sitting, under the new regulations online porn producers are forbidden from depicting this content as well. Female ejaculation in particular is banned because censors find it “difficult to distinguish” between squirting and urination, the BBFC recently told Vice.

Previously, the U.K. adult film industry has tried to fight the restrictions on the grounds of censorship, with director Anna Span scoring a temporary win in 2009 for convincing the BBFC to approve an ejaculation scene in her film Women Love Porn. But the BBFC only approved Span’s work because the scene contained “so little focus on urolagnia” as to not qualify as obscene.

The porn regulations are particularly troubling because the list of prohibited acts is quite arbitrary, not to mention sexist. For instance, many of the sex acts prohibited by the BBFC, such as fisting, are popular in the queer community. Others predominantly focus on female pleasure, as is the case with female ejaculation.

That’s why MiKandi, which is no stranger to censorship itself, is taking aim at the new BBFC regulations in the form of a video game.

“Perhaps the BBFC doesn’t understand women’s bodies and orgasms or perhaps its their secret kink,” says McEwen. “Either way, it’s blatant censorship of female pleasure and illustrates the slippery slope of censorship, especially when one group tells another group what’s sexually normal.”

H/T XBiz | Photo by A/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)