Is worth the hype?

If you’ve searched the internet for porn (OK, so, this basically applies to every adult) there’s a good chance you’ve stumbled upon The site boasts itself as a producer of “ethical porn for women,” which is an entirely different conversation in and of itself (you can read my thoughts about what it means to be “the best porn site for women” here) but nonetheless, it still piqued my interest.

What is


Being a rather feminine gal who writes about sex, I’m used to porn companies trying to portray themselves as my “friend” and pitching me content they claim doesn’t align with the patriarchal, profits-before-people standards capitalism has traditionally thrived off of. But just because someone calls themself a feminist (or in this case, claims to produce feminist content) doesn’t mean that they can be trusted. I know it’s 2020, but “feminist” and “feminism” are, quite frankly, buzzwords–they get people to click because most rational minds support the idea that everyone is equal (and should be treated as such) regardless of gender identity, sex, ethnicity, body type, occupation, race, the list goes on., however, isn’t in it for the clout. It’s been winning XBIZ and AVN awards (among others) since its inception over 20 years ago. Both the site itself and director Angie Rowntree (a founding member of Ethical.Porn) have received the APAC stamp of approval and are also listed with the Ethical Porn Partnership. And after hours spent searching, viewing, and fantasizing, I’ve come to the conclusion that the adult content made available by Sssh holds up to the company’s tagline: “Feminist porn for women and couples. It’s porn, re-imagined.”

Except I don’t want to say it’s just “porn, re-imagined.” I want to say it should be the standard of mainstream porn.

Is worth it? A brief porn site review

Part of what makes Sssh one of the best premium porn sites out there is its relatively affordable pricing, tiered membership, and incredibly mobile-friendly site. For as little as 27 cents per day, you can enjoy all the porn you want wherever you want.


Membership options (pay with credit or debit card):

What’s included in a Sssh membership?

Unlimited access to original porn movies, photo galleries, and erotic stories

From fantasy flicks to could be based-on-a-true-story seductive shorts, Sssh has it all–literally. Wanna fantasize about sexy vampires? Got a medical fetish? Or do you just want some realistic lesbian porn? is your place to enjoy erotic novels, steamy audio files, full-length films, shorts, and some of the hottest pictures I’ve ever seen. Who knows, the site’s abundance might lead you to discover new turn-ons.

Closed captioning is available across all videos

Whether you’re hearing impaired or just don’t want your housemate to know what you get off to, Sssh has made it possible to enjoy all the porn you want without needing to raise the volume. Just like you would turn on closed captioning on Youtube or your TV, you can now read-along as your performers get it on.

Immersive 360º VR-compatible porn

Got a VR headset? Great! has a plethora of VR-compatible videos for you to dive into and at no extra cost, either! Becoming immersed in a story has never been easier (or more pleasing).

There’s also a virtual world for you to explore


Did you spend your off days making your Sims woo-hoo? Then you’ll love’s virtual world. It allows to you safely explore fetishes like BDSM, chat with new friends, and experience VR in the sexiest of ways.

Diverse cast and content

Other porn sites might as well use the same five performers because they all look relatively the same. But that’s not what goes down at Sssh. The site hosts a diverse cast across all the content–photos, videos, and VR all have a mix of ages, races, fashion styles, sexual orientations, and identities. And like I said earlier, the site boasts hundreds of different themed videos, none of which use sketchy plot lines, corny scripts, or questionably-aged actors.

Bloopers galore!

Not all but most of Sssh’s video productions include a B-roll, this means bloopers, behind-the-scenes interviews with the cast, and other special features.

What Sssh could improve upon

No downloads

From what I could tell through my experience on the site, there’s no way to download your favorite movies or photos for a data or wifi-free experience. It’s not the worst problem to have, but definitely something worth noting!

Poor search features and site navigation

Let’s say you really like a specific performer and want to see more of their work. You’re going to have to search through all the content to find it because unlike other porn sites, Sssh doesn’t have a “meet our models” or advanced search feature–but it does link you to the performers’ social accounts so you could always keep up with them that way! Again, not a total disadvantage, just slightly annoying.

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