Somebody is posting episodes of ‘Steven Universe’ on Pornhub

Rejoice, Steve Universe fans who also happen to enjoy partaking in some good ol’ healthy masturbation! Now you’ll be able to watch your favorite cartoon on one of the Internet’s go-to destinations for fapping inspiration: Pornhub. And no, this isn’t hentai based off Steven and his friends. They’re real, full episodes, uploaded for your viewing pleasure.

Pornhub user muchcringe has uploaded “Jail Break” and “Too Far” to the porn hosting website. Unfortunately, that’s all so far, but this is great news if you lack other means to watch the cartoon. As SpongeFapper notes, “Oh shit, this is the perfect video to watch after i fap.” 

The episodes have been available on Pornhub for the past three months. Interestingly enough, “Jail Break” was put in the SFW category, while “Too Far” was sorted into Japanese, Gay, and Daddy. Gotta wonder about the thought process that led to that decision.

“I’ll be uploading full episodes,” muchcringe commented on one of his posts, “don’t report cause it’s not porn this is just an easy website to post on.” Hey, mister, it’s April, and we’re still waiting for more Steven Universe

For some reason, these videos have a considerable number of dislikes. Pretty inconsiderate and rude of these masturbators to scorn muchcringe’s random act of kindness. And “Jail Break” has nearly 64,000 views, so obviously there are fans out there seizing this opportunity. 

On top of this selfless generosity, muchcringe was even been nice enough to solicit suggestions after one commenter said he made a Pornhub account just to ask for more episodes. Said muchcringe, “I will bro, any episodes you have in mind?”

Thank you muchcringe, for doing this good work. Now people everywhere will be able to relax with some Steven Universe after getting as hard as a Crystal Gem. 

H/T mettaton-hex/Tumblr