‘This don’t look right’: Subway worker mocks customers who get more than 3 sauces in their subs

Subway has become synonymous with allowing diners the opportunity to walk into any of its locations and build the exact sandwich that they want with the chain’s available bread, protein, garnish, and sauce options. In the summer of 2022, however, the brand’s North American president stated that there was a decision to simplify its menu as “50% of customers always build the same sandwich.”

It appears that some of those builds may gross out workers at the popular sub-chain. A TikToker by the name of Diamond (@diamondxxl) went viral after calling out a customer who ordered a sandwich and slathered it with multiple types of sauces, saying that the end result did not look right.


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Diamond writes in a text overlay of the video: “When the customer wants more than 3 sauces…”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Subway via email and Diamond via TikTok comment for further information.

Other TikTokers who saw Diamond’s post began sharing some of their own bizarre customer-ordering gripes of their own.

User @slut4candy wrote, “Me when I have to make a pizza without cheese.” Another penned, “had a customer get all the sauces I was like are u sure and they surely was.”

There were others claiming to be employees who recommended another technique when it comes to placing a rainbow of sauces on a customer’s sandwich.

“You can go lighter on the sauces and still have all the different ones on there,” one advised.

Some folks mentioned the structural issues that would occur as a result of putting so many sauces at once on a sandwich.

“I can not imagine folding it and sauce squishing out,” a user said.

A 2019 Reddit thread revealed some of the grossest sandwiches that employees of the chain said they were forced to make.

One Redditor said his sister who was from rural Tasmania went to a Subway for the first time and ordered the following: “meatball with seafood, tuna +and teriyaki chicken; with just capsicum and pickle.”

“I was not phased… until she asked for tomato sauce,” he wrote.

Another user said an individual prepared himself some caramelized tuna fish, writing, “A guy in front of me in line ordered a tuna sandwich and then pulled out a ziplock bag of grain sugar. He asked if they’d put the sugar on top of all the tuna before roasting the sandwich. They did it but I can’t imagine caramelized tuna would be my choice for food.”

Another Redditor who said they worked at Firehouse subs recalled a customer that wanted their bread steamed, not toasted. And they steamed it four separate times until it became a moist, yeasty mess, which the customer loved.

“I never want to make that sub again,” the user said.