Sveta Bilyalova says Jay Alvarrez blackmailed her with ‘coconut oil’ tape, leaked it without consent

Instagram model Sveta Bilyalova said she needed to “tell her truth” in a YouTube video detailing her sex tape with influencer Jay Alvarrez.

The “coconut oil” tape, as it has been called online, was posted on PornHub a few weeks ago and received tons of attention on social media. Twitter and TikTok users made plenty of jokes about the video production, the coconut oil used, and the choice of background music (“Pass That Dutch” by Missy Elliot).

Now, Bilyalova has come forward and said Alvarrez blackmailed her, and she believes he released the tape.

Bilyalova said Alvarrez asked her if he could film the two of them having sex and she agreed. She said when she wanted to break up with Alvarrez, he threatened to leak the tape

Bilyalova claimed Alvarrez likely released the tape for a few reasons. One was for attention. Another was because an ex-girlfriend of his, model Alexis Ren, said he had a small penis. A third was for money.

Bilyalova also said PornHub allegedly told her a high number of home sex tapes they receive are sent by ex-boyfriends, confirming her theory.

“Even if you trust a person, you don’t know what they are capable of,” Bilyalova warned. “You never know.”

Bilyalova showed her alleged WhatsApp conversations with Alvarrez. In one message, he threatened to post their sex tape if she didn’t call him. She also showed videos of Alvarrez sent from the number on WhatsApp to prove it was him, and she claimed he only changed his number after their sex tape leaked.

Bilyalova’s messages with Alvarrez went back years.

Bilyalova also said it’s likely that two more videos will be released because Alvarrez blackmailed her with three videos.

“This is all Jay wanting attention, wanting money, wanting people to see that his d*ck is not that small,” she said.

Bilyalova said she never wanted the tape to be posted, but she refuses to feel ashamed.

“I have nothing to be embarrassed about,” she said. “After all, who doesn’t have sex?”

Bilyalova also said she won’t be talking about Alvarrez anymore. She said her goal is not to “talk sh*t” or get back at him but simply to tell the truth about the circumstances surrounding their tape.

“It’s not my goal to talk sh*t about [Jay],” she said. “Jay, if you’re watching this, I feel very sorry for you. And I hope that things will get better for you in life and that you will actually get better. … You can’t treat people like this.”