Tenuto 2 is the first all-in-one vibrator and erectile dysfunction fighting toy for men

When it comes to sex toys, women tend to get nuance while men tend to get Fleshlights. That’s why the Tenuto 2 is such an excellent device. This smart Bluetooth sex toy can improve your sex life, from solo sessions to making love with a partner, through tension and vibrations. It even helps fight ED. 

Is the Tenuto 2 a must-have for penis owners? Damn straight it is. Welcome to the magic of the Tenuto 2. 

What is the Tenuto 2?

The Tenuto 2 is a combination of a vibrator and cock ring from the masterminds at MysteryVibe. This toy delivers precisely controlled vibrations and a snug blood flow enhancing fit all in one package. The strength of its vibrations and patterns is controlled manually with buttons or adjusted via Bluetooth for customization and play. 

tenuto 2 opening gif

Its design allows 90% of penis shapes and sizes to fit comfortably within the device. Simply pull its soft flexible wings open, slide yourself in, and release for a snug fit. Once on, users can place their balls in the bottom space of the device. 

The device retails for $249 but is often on sale on MysteryVibe’s website

How does the Tenuto 2 help with erectile dysfunction?

For a muscle to reach peak performance, it needs exercise. Similarly, while your penis isn’t a muscle, it requires blood flow to become engorged. If you struggle with erectile dysfunction, one of the causes could be poor blood flow. The Tenuto 2 delivers precise vibrations to targeted locations on the base of your penis to promote blood circulation.

When you are sexually active the Tenuto 2 can help keep you harder by improving the circulation in your penis. According to an upcoming study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, Tenuto helped over 100% of post-surgical colorectal cancer patients reduce their instances of ED. That’s right—Tenuto 2 is a tested and proven solution. 

tenuto 2 stretched open over someone's lover

Does the Tenuto 2 work as a sex toy? 

Beyond helping you get harder for longer doesn’t mean the Tenuto 2 is also a great sex toy. It doesn’t matter if you’re with a partner or flying solo; this thing is a blast to use. 

For too long, people with penises have been denied good vibrating toys. Maybe we’ll get the odd vibrating cock ring. However, even those are built more to stimulate the partner you’re having sex with. The Tenuto 2 works its magic on both ends. You get stimulation on your penis and perineum while the device pleasures your partner’s clitoris, labia, and vulva. 

Playing with it solo is a delight, particularly if you’re into edging. The motors are powerful and when coupled with Bluetooth customization, it’s easy to get lost in your own pleasure while using the device. Plus, it technically counts as exercise since you’re improving the blood flow to your penis. 

With a partner, the Tenuto 2 requires a little creativity, but once you’re going it’s a magical time. MysteryVibe says the device fits 90% of penises, and while that may be true, this is a slightly complicated device to throw on. After all, you need to insert both your penis and balls to get the full effect, and during sexual arousal, your balls tend to move a bit.  

Of course, this isn’t the sort of toy you’d pull out on a first date anyway. Make putting it on part of your foreplay (your partner also likes vibrations), and get ready for an incredible time when you finally move on to sex.  

tenudo 2 app

How does the Tenuto 2 feel? 

We highly recommend putting this device on and playing with it by yourself before trying it with a partner. Get used to putting it on, learn how it works with your body, and most importantly, if you’ll need lube to help. This can help you with any anxiety when you’re trying to perform with it. 

Once you have the device on, the Tenuto 2 feels amazing. It’s snug, but not tight, avoiding the feeling of having your genitals choked some cock rings give you. Even without the vibrations, there is something kinky and powerful about wearing this device.

Each of its preset vibrations delivers an adjustable thrilling buzz of pleasure, but the real fun is in its Bluetooth app. You can make your own exacting vibrating patterns to match any desire, whether you like a soft steady buzz or your partner longs for a series of building powerful vibes. 

Does the Tenuto 2 work to fight erectile dysfunction? 

While I’ve been lucky not to experience chronic erectile dysfunction, this writer is a 38-year-old cis man who has anxiety issues and enjoys whiskey. During my testing, I found that using the Tenuto 2 during times I would normally experience performance anxiety significantly improved the quality of my erections. 

tenuto 2 - women sitting in a man's lap holding the tenuto 2

Maybe there is an element of placebo to it—I’m not a scientist—but there is something to be said for the vibrations the Tenuto 2 delivers, whether you’re looking for the strongest or lightest setting. While we’re looking forward to reading the science when MysteryVibe’s study is officially published, in our experience the Tenuto 2 works. 

Tenuto 2 review: Is it worth it? 

At $249, the Tenuto 2 is a bit of an investment. But it’s an investment in both your sexual health and sexual pleasure, one that will reward you over time. From enhancing the pleasure you experience while masturbating or playing with a partner, to helping improve your blood flow, the Tenuto 2 is a wonderful multi-use device. 

While there is a slight learning curve for getting a comfortable fit, that’s a short-term battle with long-term benefits. If you’re looking for a smart sex toy for men beyond the world of sleeves and Fleshlights the Tenuto 2 is the vibe you’re looking for.