The best quiet vibrators for getting off on the down low

Why choose a quiet vibrator?

Getting our self-care on is one of the best ways to unwind, feel good, and just plain get off. And let’s face it, there’s not much worse than breaking out a toy and worrying about whether or not the kids, the in-laws, the neighbors, or even your roommates may be able to hear it once you turn it on. I mean come on, you’re already having to keep yourself quiet, now you have to worry about having a quiet vibrator, too?! Don’t fret, we’ve done the research for you and found the best quiet vibrators on the market that not only get the job done but do it barely above a whisper. It’s up to you to keep your own noise levels down.

Here are some of the best quiet vibrators on the market:

1) Womanizer Premium 2 

best quiet vibrator - A woman's hand holding the wave-shaped Womanizer Premium 2 vibrator.

Womanizer is well known by sex toy connoisseurs for creating the original Pleasure Air technology, providing gentle air vibrations that suck and massage together at the same time to provide an unprecedented orgasmic feeling. Not only does it stimulate your clit without direct contact, it also features Smart Silence Technology, meaning the toy only starts when it meets your skin.

2) Lelo Ora 3 Quiet Vibrator

best quiet vibrator - A circular plum-colored Lelo Ora 3 vibrator with gold inlay.

Having your clit massaged by a tongue is always aces. You can get just that with the Lelo Ora 3. It moves like a human tongue but with more precision and imagination. As an added bonus, it does it quietly. You’ll have to keep your moaning to a minimum though, which might be a little harder. And it’s 100 percent waterproof.

3) Womanizer Duo

best quiet vibrator - A blue Womanizer Duo vibrator with a series of concentric circles denoting "pulsing air waves" added.

If you enjoy your clit and G-spot stimulated at the same time, the Womanizer Duo is the quiet vibrator for you. It’s completely waterproof, so you can take your fun to the shower or bath, giving you the perfect cover for your self-care alone time. This dual-action toy features Womanizer’s patented Pleasure Air technology and Smart Silence. So not only will you get stimulation to your clit without direct contact, but it only starts when it comes into direct contact with your skin, giving you a quiet ride.

4) We-Vibe Chorus 

best quiet vibrator - A hand holding a purple clip-shaped We-Vibe Chorus vibrator.

While the We-Vibe Chorus is marketed as a couple’s vibe it can definitely be used solo. It’s a super quiet wearable that’s also hands-free. It comes with a remote that matches the vibration intensity with the strength of your grip. Or you can choose between three speeds and seven patterns for consistent stimulation. Additionally, the remote connects the Chorus to the free We-Vibe app. That means you can share the quiet vibrator’s controls with your partner, wherever in the world they may be.

5) We-Vibe Melt 

Two different left hands holding a blue We-Vibe Melt vibrator.

Whisper quiet for spontaneous fun no matter where you are, the We-Vibe Melt makes clitoral stimulation exciting without bringing a lot of noise—from the toy anyway! You can play solo or you can hand over control to a lover via the We-Vibe app, from anywhere in the world. It’s submersible, so take it to the tub or shower if you want. Have a blast while the running water helps cover your moans!

6) Fun Factory’s Miss Bi Quiet Vibrator

A woman's hand holding a plum-colored rabbit-style Miss Bi vibrator against an orange background.

Rabbit vibrators have been the rage for years, but they’re often extra loud and the ears don’t always live up to the hype. Not the case with Fun Factory’s Miss Bi. Not only are the dual motors quieter than traditional rabbit vibrators, giving you more privacy for your fun, the vibrator itself is also better designed. The shaft is shorter, but girthier after lots of customer feedback. Also, the broad, bendy clit stimulator is made for a nearly-universal perfect fit.

7) Fun Factory’s Be-One Quiet Vibrator

best quiet vibrator - A woman's hand holding the Fun Factory Be-One vibrator between her index and middle finger against a blue background.

The Be-One is another couple’s toy that made our list simply because it performs well as a fun solo item and it’s whisper quiet. Fun Factory knocked it out of the park with this finger vibe. It fits perfectly between your fingers or labia, providing vibrations without a lot of noise. Make every touch vibrate with two tiny motors, four speeds, and a flirt setting. It’s great for all bodies. 

8) Dame Aer 

A melon-colored Dame Aer clitoral suction toy against an off-white background.

We just love suction toys and the Dame Aer is one of our favorites. It’s not only quiet but it’s powerful. Not technically a quiet vibrator, it uses pressure wave technology to create pulses of air that bring you pleasure like nothing you’ve ever experienced, mimicking a tongue and the suction of a mouth. It creates a seal and helps you focus on your orgasm and we call that a win every time. 

9) Dame Pom 

A plum-colored Dame Pom sex toy against an off-white background.

Having pleasure in the palm of your hand is never a bad thing and the Dame Pom gives you just that. It’s a flexible, low-profile vibe that snuggles close, bends, and moves with you, giving you the ultimate control over your play. It’s quiet and offers five intensities and patterns to bring you to your knees. 

10) Dame Eva

A periwinkle Dame Eva sex toy against an off-white background.

If hands-free is your jam, the Dame Eva is where it’s at. Holding a toy in place can be distracting and often, even counterproductive. With the Eva, you can get into whatever position is most comfortable for you. Place just a finger on the toy and enjoy the pleasure this ultra-quiet toy brings you. It’s also perfect for couple’s play. 

Whichever toy (or toys) you choose, you can’t go wrong. Solo play is self-care and the less you have on your mind while doing it, the better. So don’t let the concern of noise coming from your toy distract you from your playtime. Pick your next favorite quiet vibrator and get to the fun stuff!