The best virtual sex sites for couples and singles

In an era of isolation and long distance relationships, it’s understandable that millions of Americans are wondering about virtual sex.

But it’s not as simple as asking “what is virtual sex?”, because just like actual sex, virtual sex encompasses many things. 

Whether you and your partner are looking for a digital solution to intimacy or you want to see a live sex show by yourself, we have the answers you seek.

We’ll show you how to protect your privacy, get intimate over video, stream your wildest fantasies, and beyond. 

Here’s everything you need to know about virtual sex, alongside the best virtual sex sites to suit all tastes. 

What is virtual sex?

Virtual sex is, at its most basic, watching someone have sex live over the internet. We’re not talking about porn, even if it’s pornographic.

Rather, these are live sex acts performed in front of a web cam for an audience. There are many forms of virtual sex:

  • Two people masturbating over FaceTime, Zoom, or Snapchat
  • Cam shows that feature streaming models
  • Live cam shows featuring real life couples performing for the public 
  • Sexting between two people
  • Online services that allow you to sext with others

As you can see, virtual sex is a vast world, ripe for exploration but full of possible dangers.

We’re going to assume that our readers have mastered the most basic forms of virtual sex, like sexting.

If you haven’t, we’ve got another guide to get you started.

Neon XXX - the best virtual sex sites for couples

For this guide we’re going to focus on the two main kinds of virtual sex, peer-to-peer and peer-to-provider.

Or, in layman’s terms, virtual sex you have with someone you know and virtual sex you pay to watch. 

Both of these kinds, like the best virtual sex sites that facilitate them, have unique benefits.

In fact, we think couples should also take a look at the world of professional virtual sex. 

The best virtual sex sites for couples – or – how cams can spice up your relationship

What is a cam site?

While the world of porn is undergoing an HD revolution thanks to advances in camera technology, streaming has brought similar evolution to live sex shows.

A cam site is a streaming platform where you can go to watch live sex shows from thousands of models.

Think Twitch, but without pants. 

Models, either by themselves or with partners, log on at specified times to stream for their fans.

Often what they’ll do during their show depends on how much users are tipping.

Similarly to a strip club, users tip performers so they’ll do different things. 

This is where it gets fun. Sometimes meeting a tipping goal will lead to a full sex show between two people.

Other shows have toys connected to the camming system, allowing users to activate a performer’s vibrator by tipping. 

What goes on in a cam show? 

The activities of a cam show are as vast as porn itself.

Much like how Twitch features everything from gaming to hot tub-based conversations, cam sites also contain multitudes.

Plenty of models play games with viewers, letting them spin a wheel of sex acts or clothes to take off. 

Others set goals, like “I’ll take my top off at 100 tokens” or “toy show at 1000 tokens” and tease users until the goal is met.

We’ve also seen honest to god exhibitionist couples who log on, have sex, and log off regardless if anyone is tipping. 

Neon lips like you might find on one of the best virtual sex sites on this list

You can find sites that focus on your interests if you’re looking for something like goths or MILFS.

But honestly, the best way to learn about cam sex shows is to go to a site and explore. 

How does tipping work? 

Users buy tokens in bulk for tipping. Each site has its own system for tipping, so make sure you understand pricing before you pay.

On average, a token is worth between $0.50 and $1.

Beyond being how cam performers make their living, tipping helps ensure an enthusiastic show. With camming, you get what you pay for. 

Are these shows public? 

Cam shows are public, but you can hide your identity by carefully selecting your username.

During public shows, you join everyone who is watching in a group chat.

In a perfect situation this allows a large number of viewers to pool their tips, letting the model profit and everyone get a great show. 

But sometimes you’ll find a room where there are plenty of users, but no-one is tipping.

You’ll quickly discover that these shows don’t last long.

Don’t be a camper. If you’re enjoying what you see during a show, tip the performer. 

Can I get a private show? 

You can! In fact, cam models love doing private shows because they don’t have to deal with the communal chat. Rather, they can focus on your fantasies.

Private shows are paid by the minute, so check your chosen model’s profile for pricing before you volunteer. 

Can the model see us?

For public shows, models cannot see you through your webcam. There are sites that allow models to do video chats during private shows, but that’s up to the performer. 

Okay, you sold me, what are the best virtual sex sites to check out? 

Best virtual sex site for traditional solo shows: CamSoda

camsoda logo

CamSoda is the gold standard for modern cam sites. Offering affordable entry packages of tokens, thousands of stunning models, and a variety of show types, CamSoda is welcoming to beginners. 

Sort shows by gender, interactive sex toys, couples, private shows, and price. Or just look through the pages and pages of listings showcasing the stunning featured performers from around the world. 

They even make private shows accessible by letting users sort models by how many tokens per minute a show is.

If you’re looking for a cam show experience more like traditional porn, CamSoda is for you. 

Best virtual sex site for amateur porn and couples: Chaturbate

chaturbate logo

In the world of camming, Chaturbate is simultaneously an experimental punk playground and a professionally reputable operation.

While other cam sites focus on more traditional “beautiful person takes off their clothes slowly or plays with themselves” scenarios. Chaturbate is where people go to have fun.

You’re most likely to find a voyeuristic couple having sex for the thrill as much as the tips on Chaturbate. That being said, you’ll also find sexy duos with vast menus for tipping ranging from “change the song” or “hydrate” to “69.” 

Chaturbate is a safe space for furries, kink shows, simulated oral, and actual live full-on sex. Most importantly, it’s just a fun place to explore. Especially as a couple.

Some cams will make you laugh, some will turn you on, others will spark new ideas. This is our favorite place to surf and, yes, tip.

Best virtual sex site when you want live shows and downloadable sex tapes: ManyVids

Manyvids logo

ManyVids is most famous as an amateur porn site where models upload their own original pornographic content for sale.

However, it’s more than just that. It’s also a world-class cam site, featuring a diverse array of models performing all kinds of acts. 

Watch live shows between couples and then browse their personal collection of sex tapes.

This feature is even handier if you discover a solo performer in a show, but wish you could see then in another fantasy.

By combining live cam shows and first-rate porn videos, ManyVids offers the best of both worlds. 

The only catch is pricing, which can vary widely between models and pages. That’s part of the beauty of DIY porn, you may be paying a premium, but you know it’s going directly to the performer. 

That’s why ManyVids is one of our favorite entries on our list of the best virtual sex sites.

Still looking for the virtual sex cam site of your dreams? Don’t worry, we’ve done plenty more research to help you along the way. Head over here to find the rest of the best virtual sex sites for couples waiting for you. 

How to have the best virtual sex as a couple, safely 

Okay, so maybe your issue isn’t wanting to see other people have sex, but rather have virtual sex yourself. We get it.

There’s no greater thrill when you’re away from your lover than reaching across a million ones and zeroes to connect. 

A neon TV.

But just because something is thrilling, doesn’t mean it’s immediately safe. Before you have virtual sex, there are a few best practices you should keep in mind. 

Safety tips for having virtual sex

1) Your phone is more secure than your computer, but make sure it’s updated

Look, we get it, it’s harder to have virtual sex with one of your hands occupied. Using a laptop or desktop computer gives you more room to move around and perform.

That being said, your phone is a vastly more secure system to have virtual sex than your computer. 

Computers are more vulnerable to random viruses and attacks, while phones make it difficult to install programs without your permission.

It’s harder for a random person to hijack your phone camera than your webcam. 

Your phone also gets regular security updates. Keep your phone up to date for the best security.

As a general rule of thumb, when you reach to take off your pants for some virtual lust, keep your phone by your side.  

2) Use an end-to-end encrypted app for your session like FaceTime or Signal

On mobile devices, use an end-to-end encrypted app for your virtual sex sessions, such as FaceTime or Signal.

That means there’s no time where the stream is unprotected that might let a hacker sneak into your session. 

Apps like Zoom don’t have the same level of security, and require you to be careful about setting up a private room.

Just trust us, you don’t want even the possibility someone can sneak in while you’re getting intimate. 

3) Don’t use any app you also use for work

Do you FaceTime with your boss sometimes? We suggest not using that app to have virtual sex.

The same is true about Zoom or Google Hangouts. Beyond being less secure than FaceTime, those are places you probably have work contacts saved. 

Do you want to risk the possibility of accidentally adding Bob from the office to your steamy night of virtual sex? Probably not, no matter how cool Bob is.

Set aside an app that’s just for your naughty time folks. You’ll thank us when nothing happens. 

4) Make sure your computer is updated if you use it

If you decide that you’re going to use your computer anyway, say through a end-to-end encrypted app like FaceTime, update it.

Updates patch security holes that make it easier for hackers to sneak into your computer. 

Everyone has accidentally downloaded an attachment at least once before and experienced the horrors of a virus.

Now imagine that virus shows everyone what you look like naked. Keep your system updated and secure. 

5) If you do use your computer, make sure you use a VPN

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is another security feature that makes it harder to break into your system.

This services create a virtual network to mask your traffic, hiding your IP address, location, country of origin, and other identifying details hackers hunt out. 

More importantly, if you start exploring deeper in the world of streaming cam sites and someday visit an unreputable site we didn’t tell you about, a VPN can help keep your data private. 

Of course there are everyday reasons to have a VPN as well. You never want to use a public WiFi at the coffee shop or the airport without a VPN.

Otherwise you might unwittingly leave a back door into your system that can endanger your banking, email, and personal data. 

Best app for virtual sex: FaceTime 

Signal is a wonderful runner-up and the best option for Android users. However, FaceTime’s security features and ease of use make it come out on top.

That being said, with Signal you never run the risk of accidentally calling your mom when you’re ready for action.