The Voting Game takes on the personality of the people you play it with

If you’re in need of a party game that’s played differently every time, The Voting Game is exactly what you’ve been ever-so-endlessly searching for.

The question card game begins with a prompt like “Who would survive the longest in a zombie apocalypse?” The players then anonymously vote for whichever one of their friends they believe is best described by the question. The results are tallied and revealed to the group, then each player gets to guess who voted for them based on the total number of votes they received (one guess per vote). If the player guesses correctly, the truth behind that friendship is revealed!

The game comes with 160 question cards and five rule variants, so you can have a unique experience each time you play. The Voting Game also has three expansion packs to ensure the fun continues to last: NSFW, Create Your Own and Fill in the Blank. The starter game is available through Amazon for just $24.99, while supplies last.

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