‘Not her in a canal’: TikToker says she tracked friend who was on Tinder date to canal

A TikToker says in a viral video that she tracked her friend’s location to a canal while she was on a Tinder date.

Her video was posted on Tuesday and has 684,000 views.

The original video follows a viral template where TikTokers make an outlandish statement followed by the punchline, set to Psy’s “Gangnam Style.” Emizzle (@emizly02) first states that she tracked her roommate’s location at 1am while she was on a Tinder date. Her location, she said, was “in the middle of a canal.”


Commenters were unsatisfied with the brevity of the video, calling for an update with more details.

“This isn’t even funny cause why u ain’t say if she’s ok by now?” one commenter wrote.

“How are you gon post this then say story time tomorrow?” another commenter wrote. “Girr is she alive, yes or no?!”

“I need to know if she’s okay NOW not tomorrow,” a commenter wrote.

In her follow-up to the viral video that left viewers wanting to know more, Emizzle states that she and her other roommate had tracked their friend’s location because she had not responded to their texts after being very active in a group chat, and they became concerned.

“Disclaimer: I wouldn’t have posted that video if my roommate was still in any type of danger, or hurt,” Emizzle says in her update on the situation.

As it turns out, her friend wasn’t in a canal at all, just in a car driving very close to the water.

“The reason her location said that she was in the middle of the canal was because they were very close to the water and occasionally Find My’s location is (inaccurate),” text overlay on the video reads.

Some wrote that they had been in similar situations, where their location seemed much more concerning to friends looking out for them based on where they showed up on a map.

“My friend called me during a tinder date cuz of this reason,” one commenter wrote. “We were walking along the docks.”

“No bc this was my friend when she told me she was going on a date (at) 11pm and i checked her location (and) she was IN THE OCEAN,” another commenter wrote.

Emizzle warned viewers in her comment section about Tinder date safety, recommending that they let people know where they’re going and who they will be with.

“Before you go on any dates with someone you don’t know, please take precautions,” she wrote. “It’s better to be safe than sorry.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Emizzle via comment on the video.