This extremely NSFW revenge photo is also extremely fake

This story contains sexually explicit material and may be NSFW.

There are many ways one can terminate a relationship with a suitor in the digital age. One can send an email or text-based transmission proclaiming one’s dissatisfaction with the relationship. One can change one’s social media status to “Single,” without warning or advance notice. Or, alternatively, one can post an extremely NSFW selfie with a note that reads, “Tim, I can cheat too.”

The selfie blew up on social media. But the true story isn’t quite as dramatic as it looks.

Currently circulating on Twitter, the selfie features a young woman covered in what appears to be semen, accompanied by the message to Tim, supposedly a boyfriend. Here is a censored, SFW shot of the photo:

Photo via callmemonz/Twitter

Although no one knew anything about the backstory behind the image, or anything about the relationship between Tim and his lady friend, the image nonetheless spread like wildfire on Facebook and Twitter. Some people were confused by it:

(Sorry, this embed was not found.)

Others were disturbed:

Others, mildly amused:

The image was also shared on Reddit on r/WTF, where it was eventually banned for violating one of the rules about “inciting a public outcry.”

Unfortunately, while I love a good “boy meets girl, boy breaks girl’s heart, girl takes revenge by tweeting a photo of her semen-covered face” narrative just as much as the next blogger, the backstory is pretty boring.

The photo was lifted from the very, very NSFW Tumblr of someone who goes by the name thishornygirl1, aka Josie, who describes herself as “just your average 19 year old horny girl with no gag reflex that likes to expose herself and give blowjobs.” The “Tim I can cheat too” meme is a Photoshopped version of an image she posted on her Tumblr (again, NSFW). 

So! Sorry, guys—the photo’s a hoax. But at least dudes named Tim can sleep easy tonight.

H/T Ryan Broderick | Photo via Tumblr