Transfixed delivers hot scenes alongside real conversations with trans stars

Following the success of TransSensual and the founding of TransAngels, Gamma Entertainment, which had been hosting trans porn since 2006 on its Adult Time platform, decided in 2018 to directly produce trans porn by launching Transfixed

Directed by Adult Time’s chief creative officer, Bree Mills, the site’s first transgender original series has filled a void in the world of trans lesbian porn and erotica. 

The world finally acknowledges that trans people exist and belong in porn productions alongside cisgender porn stars. According to Ahrefs.com, a platform that tracks online searches, there are approximately 4.7 million transgender porn-related Google searches each month. In addition, Texas and Oklahoma rank among the top states with the most transgender porn searches. Go figure. 

Equal parts erotic and explicit, each scene is steered by strong women who bring their A-game (and super-hot chemistry) to the screen and every sexual encounter. 

The result is a new genre of trans representation. It’s difficult to define trans porn since it consists of so many subgenres. There’s straight porn, gay/lesbian porn, queer porn, and various kink porn that all feature trans people. From MUSES, a new series unveiling the desires of favorite trans actresses, to its Being Trans 24/7 docuseries, Transfixed is all about inclusivity, sex positivity, and of course, the world’s hottest trans sex. 

transfixed bridal exposure with Lauren Phillips, Whitney Wright, Izzy Wilde

In 2018, Transfixed won AVN’s Best Transgender Series/Channel and Best Transgender Production. It later won DVD of the year at the 2020 TEA Awards, also known as the Transgender Erotica Awards. 

Here’s everything you need to know, from cost to features to why Transfixed is probably worth your money.

Transfixed cost

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Transfixed is an original series of Adult Time, a mega-site and one of the most recognized adult platforms in the industry made up of 16 main porn studios and their spinoffs, so you’ll need to subscribe to the parent site to gain access. Pricing is cheaper than many porn sites which can start at $29.99 per month.

The basic streaming-only membership is $14.95 for the first month and $19.95 a month after that. However, if you sign up for a year, you get streaming access and the ability to download scenes.  A year membership is $119.40 paid at once, which averages out to $9.95 per month.

What should I know about Adult Time?

Transfixed is part of Adult Time, a porn mega site that offers hundreds of different porn sites for one low monthly cost. You get more than 300 channels, 58,000 episodes and counting, and 8+ new releases per day. You can’t run out of porn to watch on Adult Time. 

Adult Time also covers the entire spectrum of porn, from BDSM to hentai to gay and bisexual channels. No matter what you’re into, Adult Time has time for you. Signing up for Transfixed gives you access to the complete Adult Time library. If you want to know more about what you’re getting, read our full review here.

transfixed treating ourselves - Jean Hollywood, Shiri Allwood, Kenzie Anne

What’s great about Transfixed? 

1) Regular new content

There are now 48 translesbian scenes on the channel, with new videos posted nearly every week, so the site is trying to bring more accurate representations of trans sex and sexuality to users on the regular. 

2) Strives to create a trans-inclusive space

We love that this studio works to tell the stories of trans performers on their terms, particularly with its new Being Trans 24/7 docuseries. In each episode, a trans person opens up to share their deeply personal experiences, perspectives, and struggles, hoping to create a more compassionate space for everyone. 

3) Scenes aren’t shot to fetishize genitals

So often, people fetishize a part of a trans woman’s body that they want to get rid of or may not be comfortable with. Thankfully, Transfixed is not focused on erect penises. Instead, it portrays performers as people—not sexual objects—period.

4) Content from power couple/producers, Siouxsie Q and Michael Vegas

There’s some serious writing, editing, and production talent behind this studio, so it made this writer’s heart sing to see LGBTQ+ activists and porn veterans Siouxsie Q and Michael Vegas’ directing debut for Transfixed. “Ray of Sunshine” dropped on the network on March 9. I hope to see more of their affirming, trans-inclusive work and lesbian content in the future. 

5) Interactive Toys feature for some films

Adult Time offers an Interactive Toys feature, where specific scenes are compatible with a handful of sex toys. Right now, there are five videos on the Transfixed channel that are scripted to support The Handy (Wi-Fi) and all Kiiroo and Svakom toys using FeelConnect App (Bluetooth), such as the Keon, the Onyx+, the Hot Octopuss Pulse, the Titan, the Svakom Sam Neo, and the Svakom Alex Neo. Learn how to connect to interactive content here

transfixed - fairest of them all Emily Willis, Natalie Mars, Dante Colle

What are the cons of Transfixed?

1) Some—not all—videos, feel geared toward the cis male’s gaze

As much as this queer femme writer enjoys queer and trans porn, it feels like many of Transfixed’s scenes are geared toward the cis male’s gaze. I get it—straight men are porn’s largest consumer demographic. But there are audiences beyond this demographic who love to see trans sex. 

2) Would love to see even greater gender diversity

Yes, I know that the premise of Transfixed is to promote trans women with other cis and trans women. That said, I’d love to see more non-binary gender presentations. And trans masculine people, always. 

Transfixed review: Is it worth checking out?

Absolutely, yes. In the grand scope of the Adult Time site, Transfixed is slowly building up steam. I’d rather see a site take its time and produce accurate, ethical, high-end erotica and porn videos than churn out some cheap stuff to pander to the cis male gaze. Transfixed still has some work to do, but it’s getting there. 

Besides, it boasts some of the world’s most gorgeous cis and trans women in beautifully written narratives, which in my porn-loving heart, is a total win-win.