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Treat yourself to the best sex subscription boxes

Do you ever feel like shopping for your next best sex toy requires a lot of research?

Reading reviews, comparing and contrasting prices, shelling out good chunks of money for something that may, or may not, get you off?

That’s no way to live, especially when there are a bunch of solutions just waiting to be discovered. 

Don’t spend your precious time surfing the web for your next best sex toy; just have it sent straight to your door.

We’ve got the best sex subscription boxes to help bring you that happy ending you’ve been looking for. 

What are sex subscription boxes?

Sex subscription boxes usually included sex toys, accessories, and even clothing, picked by industry professionals.

You’ll be asked about your sizes, sexual preferences, fantasies, and fetishes, to make up the perfectly curated box of treasures for your next bedroom adventure.  

While the process of getting your box discreetly shipped to your door is pretty standard for most brands, there can be a couple differences along the way.

Some boxes offer full size toys, others offer minis or a variety of sizes. You may encounter subscriptions that will send you one to two big ticket items and two to four surprise extras. 

Subscription boxes may follow themes of wellness, passion, bondage, and more, and include the appropriate toys and accessories.

Scents, tips, tricks, candles, and even date night ideas may come in your next subscription box. All designed to help you, and your partner, find that extra spark in the bedroom. 

Let’s find your perfect sex subscription box. 

The best sex subscription boxes to choose from

mystery pleasure box

1) Best sex subscription box for couples:  Mystery Pleasure Box

With the Mystery Pleasure Box, you and your partner will be set up for adventurous sex success.

Each month, you’ll receive an arsenal of quality potions, lotions, sex toys, and bedroom accessories picked by industry experts.

It’s the most fun and affordable way to enjoy new novelty sex toys. Users rated this one of the best boxes from Cratejoy across the entire site.

Explore a new world of sexual pleasure and fantasy every month.

Price: $59.99

2) Best sex subscription box for natural and organic products: Organic Loven Box

organic loven box

For those sex enthusiasts that care about the ingredients going into, and on, their bodies, this Organic Loven Box is the perfect subscription service for you.

This monthly box comes with a variety of sample-sized chemical-free lubricants, massage oils, and stimulants.

You’ll also get a small kinky book and a silicone toy included in each box. 

Each of the products in this box is organic, natural, vegan, and made with body-safe materials. 

Price: $55.00

3) Best sex subscription box for transforming your sex life: The Vanil-ah Couples Box

vanil-ah couples box remote controlled sex toy and candle

With the Vanil-ah couples box, you’ll finally be able to travel outside of your normal sex routine.

Packed with high-quality products like silicone vibrators, heating lubricators, and mood-setting candles, you can confidently take the next step in your sex life. 

The price tag for this box is higher, but with that cost comes advanced features.

Remote-controlled toys and massage candles will be just the beginning of your bedroom explorations.

Price: $115.00

4) Best rotating theme sex subscription box: Heart + Honey 

Heart and Honey best sex subscription boxes

Branded as a sexual wellness and intimacy subscription for women and their partners, Heart and Honey have made it their mission to provide both sexual and mental relief.

A pampering theme appears each month, meant to open your heart and put your mind at ease. 

Our favorite part about Heat and Honey is the product offering. Not only does the company make sure to stock you up on established brands, it introduces you to artisan products as well.

You won’t find any cheap stocking stuffers here,d these products are hand-curated and worth every penny.

Choose from three different boxes all ranging in size and price point to get your subscription going.

Heart and Honey offer monthly, trimonthly, and bi-annual subscriptions, as well as one-off boxes. 

Price: $55.00 – $1,200.00

5) Best subscription box to begin your self-exploration: The XPLORE Box

xplore box - a large selection of various sex toys

The bimonthly box from XPLORE is the perfect way to kickstart your personal sex journey.

With three to four full-sized and handpicked intimate products per box, you’ll have more than enough to begin, and sustain, your sexual growth. 

Past boxes have includes kegal balls, floggers, vibrating wands and other sentilating toys and training devices.

Best of all, each box comes with fantasies, recipes, and other assorted erotic bonuses to build an evening around your pleasure.

Price: $65.00

6) Best sex subscription box for sexy lingire: Surprise Honey!

surprise honey! - collection of assorted lingerie

Feel sexy in the bedroom with the Surprise Honey! Lingerie monthly subscription box.

Receive anywhere from three to six lingerie products per month, depending on the type of box you subscribe to.

With Surprise Honey! you can feel confident in the bedroom and build your lingerie collection while saving money.

More importantly, you’ll get to sample a wide range of styles you might not otherwise ever pick out for yourself.

Having someone else style your fantasies can provide a naughty thrill.

Price: $39.99 

7) Best box for same sex couples: Seductive Pleasure Box

Seductive pleasures sex subscription boxes

The Seductive Pleasure Box isn’t just geared toward same-sex partners.

However, it’s one of the only subscription boxes to offer its customers the option to choose their preferred sex partners.

Boy-Boy, Girl-Girl, Boy-Girl, Boy solo, and Girl solo all contain four to five products and a silicone rechargeable toy. 

Each box sent to you will contain full-size toys and accessories only, with sample products thrown in as free extras.

At checkout, you’ll be able to choose between a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly subscription if you decide you want to keep the party going, or give it a few months break in between package arrivals. 

The site doesn’t list its products on the shop page but it still gives you a good feel of what to expect in your next box.

As it says on the site, “Our boxes contain many surprises such as dildos, vibratos, male masturbators, anal play, bondage, and much much more.” 

If you want to add some adventure to the mix, the Seductive Pleasure Box is a great option.

Price: $40.00 – $50.00

8) Best subscription box for womens pleasure: OhVenus

oh venus box - a box of toys, lotions, and romance ideas on a coffee table next to a candle

Women, leave your partners behind and embrace your sensuality with this sex subscription box from OhVenus.

Each month, the OhVenus box sets out to empower woman everywhere sexually, artistically, and sensually.

This brand collaborates with small brands and artists to create curated collections of mood-setting essentials. 

On top of providing quality toys and extras, this box donates 10% of all its proceeds to support Sexplain – an inclusive, open sexual education.

Its three box options are enough to get any ladies panties in a bunch.

From the Goddess to the Wild After Dark and the First Timer box, there’s something for every toy lover. 

Price: $59.99

9) Best subscription box for all around pleasure: BootyBox

booty box - a gift box full of various books and toys focused on bottoms

This name is slightly misleading as the Booty Box provides all kinds of toys for you adult pleasures, not just booty ones.

With this subscription box, you’ll receive monthly shipments of adult toys, lingerie, and items perfect for exploring.

Enjoy novelty items like edible lube and candy cock rings, as well as high quality items like silicone vibrators and dildos. 

The Booty Box doesn’t discriminate when it comes to bedroom play, so get ready to explore and enjoy full body pleasure. 

Price: $49.00

10) Best subscription boxes for those with a preference: Art of Love Making

art of love making - box of lotions and adult toys

The Art of Lovemaking box is perfect for individuals, or partners, willing to try it all.

Now’s not the time to get intimidated, the Art of Lovemaking box isn’t the only one in control here.

The great thing about this box is that you have the option to choose what you want to stimulate and what type of products work best for you. 

There’s no need to be worrying about receiving any toys that might make you uncomfortable, as these personalized boxes are guaranteed to hit the spot every time and get you loose without getting you lost!

Price: $49.00