Anti-cancel culture Turning Point USA cancels porn star Brandi Love’s ticket to its conference

Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit is in full swing in Florida. The event features a who’s who list of conservative speakers harping on cancel culture, freedom, and big tech censorship.

One attendee isn’t welcome to hear such messages. Porn star Brandi Love, who has contributed to the Federalist, had her VIP pass revoked.

On Sunday, Love tweeted a screenshot of an email from TPUSA informing her that she was no longer allowed to attend. The email said that she would receive a refund for the ticket, which cost $550. It also said they hoped she would apply to attend future events, but warned her not to come back to this one.

“Please do not attempt to attend the summit as any attempt to disrupt may affect consideration for future events,” it said.

Love was incensed. She tweeted that she’d watched Charlie Kirk, Dan Bongino, and Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) speak about freedom and censorship and “how inclusive the movement is.”

“And then they had me thrown out of the Turning Point USA conference,” she wrote, along with two laughing and one thumbs-up emojis. “The Republican Party is broken.” Love also told the Daily Caller that TPUSA booting her was an “egregious” example of cancel culture, which the organization claims to oppose.

TPUSA told Newsweek that adult entertainers are prohibited from its events.

“As a matter of policy, TPUSA does not allow adult entertainers, influencers, or brands to participate in its events designed for minors. This was not a decision intended to be unkind to anyone, but in the interest of the student attendees in attendance, and their thousands of concerned parents,” it reportedly said in a statement.

Ben Domenech, editor of the Federalist, tweeted that they’d kicked her out “for no reason whatsoever.”

“So the new standard @TPUSA has set for itself is that it will evaluate the moral quality of everyone who buys a ticket to their conferences,” he added. “There’s no way that could go wrong.”

The move has divided conservatives.

Some sided with Love, an award-winning adult film performer who sells sex toy replicas of her vagina and anus. They felt it was hypocritical for TPUSA to complain about cancel culture and censorship and hawk merchandise touting freedom and small government, then kick someone out of an event because they work in the sex industry. Many pointed out that last year, the organization had Bang Energy’s scantily clad “Bang Girls” blast cash into the audience.

The Libertarian Party of Tennessee tweeted that Love is welcome to join. “If the conservatives won’t accept her, we will. She’s just trying to make a living and is not hurting anyone,” it wrote.

While some agreed, many took TPUSA’s side. Arguments were rampant on Twitter.

Love, meanwhile, is capitalizing on the attention. She’s now selling T-shirts that say, “I triggered Charlie Kirk.”