‘Undeniably sexy’: Porn sites are stoked about Elon Musk’s X-rated rebrand for Twitter

Social media users relentlessly mocked Elon Musk’s decision to rebrand Twitter to “X,” with some joking it has an X-rated film industry-feel to it.

“These are all porn except one. That one’s Twitter,” tweeted Jesse McLaren in July, along with a photo of six logos for porn sites.

Another user joked that his mom mistook a credit charge for the premium version of Musk’s social media for paying for pornography.

“the twitter x rebrand getting me in trouble already smh,” he wrote.

While the rebrand initially caused uproar and criticism online, adult entertainment sites that also use the X logo didn’t see the big deal in the change.

“As regular Twitter users, we find this logo quite appropriate and we like it,” Pornx.ai told the Daily Dot. “None of our team members think that the new logo is similar to the adult website logo. We think that Twitter’s new logo is more futuristic and technological.”

Pornx.ai, which uses an artificial intelligence porn generator to “create any image you can imagine, with easy-to-use filters,” additionally expressed they are not worried about Musk’s latest similar-sounding venture, xAI.

“While one of the primary objectives of our product is to improve the quality of adult content using AI technology, we are confident that users will not associate our projects with each other, given their distinctly different goals and domains,” the company said.

Another innovative adult entertainment site that employs “X” as its logo—VRCosplayX—told the Daily Dot that Musk’s new logo “undoubtedly brings some adult themes to mind.”

“Something about the mysterious dark background and the sleek X shape makes it a little more sexy than the bright blue bird that previously represented the brand,” the immersive virtual reality entertainment site said.

“Would we ever criticize it? Probably not,” it continued. “The amount of hoopla around a logo change seems somewhat unwarranted. But all in all, the new branding is undeniably sexy. I mean, maybe our opinion is a little biased, but the letter X does tend to conjure some lewd thoughts.”

The company, which says its “main goal is to provide the most life-like experience possible while also pushing the boundaries of virtual reality technology,” added that while its logo “isn’t all that dissimilar,” it has a strikingly different color scheme than Twitter/X.

“But hey, if people somehow mistake their logos for ours, we aren’t mad about it,” the company said.

Both entertainment sites noted their regular usage of Twitter/X.

VRCosplayX said it uses the platform to promote content and collaborate with adult industry stars.

“Many of the models that we work with have massive followings so Twitter/X is super important for both brand and actress communications,” VRCosplayX said. “Since Musk took the reins at Twitter, honestly we haven’t seen too much of a difference in the functionality when it comes to posting about adult content.”

While Musk’s change may have been met with skepticism from some social media users—it wasn’t an unsurprising move.

“Buying Twitter is an accelerant to creating X, the everything app,” Musk wrote last October.

And in 1999, Musk founded an online financial services startup that used the same URL as the social media platform does now, X.com. A 2000 merger resulted in what is now known as PayPal.

But after Musk pushed to remove the PayPal name from the venture entirely, he was ousted as CEO. According to the Washington Post, focus groups then showed that people confused the company for a porn site but that didn’t sway Musk’s desire to expand the X branding.

And Musk’s two-decade-year-old push for a X brand is finally making progress—regardless of what any focus group has to say.

“Not sure what subtle clues gave it way, but I like the letter X,” he said.