A woman drilled her vagina with a power tool on live TV

This article contains sexually explicit material.

Nothing says St. Patrick’s Day like putting a power tool to your nether regions, right? 

Shana Vaughan-Gabor, who also goes by the stage name Pussysparks, celebrated the holiday earlier this week while on Chicago’s WGN News live television broadcast. 

Hailing from Chicago burlesque group Cirque de la Femme, Vaughan-Gabor elegantly pushes what appears to be an industrial-sized metal vibrator into her crotch, engulfing her vaginal area in sparks. 

You can watch the whole video here

Forget leprechauns. This girl is the mythical being that I want to follow over the rainbow. I feel the same way about this lady as that kid at the end of the video does. (Yes, there’s a gaggle of kids in the back watching this go down.) My mind has officially been blown. 

This isn’t the first time the Chicagoland area has witnessed the convergence of the female anatomy and power tools. In 2011, there was an incident on the Northwestern University campus where a woman masturbated with a “fucksaw” at an after-class demonstration to educate students on female ejaculation. Unfortunately, there were no sparks involved. 

Meanwhile, Vaughan-Gabor gets to turn her hoo-ha into a human sparkler while on live television. Baby, you’re a firework.

H/T DigitalSpy | Photo via Samuel M. Livingston/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)