Velvet Co’s Thruster makes the dream of a portable sex machine a reality

There are many reasons to reach for a dildo at the end of the day, but the Velvet Thruster has added another one. Many women need clitoral stimulation to reach climax, but what about when you want to experience the feel of penetrative sex and clitoral stimulation at the same time?

Such a feat is really left to the ambidextrous, at least when it comes to pleasure for solo dildo users. That’s when you turn to the Velvet Thruster. The Velvet Thruster does the work all on its own, so you can have a free hand to ensure you reach climax. 

What is the Velvet Thruster sex toy?

Introducing the one and only portable sex toy machine – the Velvet Thruster! Up until now, if you’d been wanting to achieve a thrusting motion during solo play, you’d have to imitate the motion yourself, or shell out the cash for an expensive sex-machine. The velvet thruster has coupled powerful machinations with customizable hand-held sex toy features for an all-around pleasure explosion.  

The Velvet Thruster line of extremely intuitive and perfectly designed toys provides you with powerful motorized movements and pinpointed orgasms. As the site says, “You’re libido called – it wants some thrust.” The site’s 5 dildo offerings make sure that every G-spot and pleasure spot can, and will be reached. Its first thruster offering included the Velvet Thruster in five different models, followed by the Velvet Thruster Mini’s.

What is the Velvet Thruster Prime?

The Velvet Thruster Prime comes to you in five models – the Jackie, Frankie, Sammie, Nanci, and Walter. These fully customizable toys come in 3 base colors and 4 model colors for ultimate customization.

The Prime has 6 adjustable speeds, and can let out a whopping 140 strokes per minute – talk about stamina! As well, the shaft extends a full 3.5 inches to fully simulate the feeling of real sex. 

Velvet Thruster Prime

What models does the Velvet Thruster let you choose from?

The site’s first offering to the G-Spot Gods is the Velvet Thruster: Nanci. The specially designed shaft of the Nanci Prime sets itself apart from its siblings as it specifically targets the G-Spot. This toy is perfect for a penetrative toy enthusiast with a few dildos under his or her belt looking for a bit of autopilot pleasure. 

The Jackie and Sammie Velvet Thruster shapes mimic a realistic shaft, with a textured feel and a large head. Ultimately the main difference between the two comes down to girth. The Jackie is significantly skinnier than the Sammie. If you find yourself loving a thicker, realistic feeling shaft, the Sammie thruster would most definitely be for you!

Both the Frankie and the Walter distinguish themselves by their fun and unique shapes. The Frankie is complete with a shaft shape similar to the Jackie and Sammie, but leave the realistic texture behind for a bit of a swirl pattern right under the head. This added ribbing provides an even bigger shock wave of pleasure when used.

Walter is a change of pace from the Jackie and Sammie, offering a shape similar to that of a common anal dildo. Its first three beads are smoothed to the same size, and then increase in size towards the base. For the explorative dildo lover, these heads are sure to make you turn into a Thruster fan for life. 

Velvet Thruster G-Spot Edition

What are the Velvet Thruster Minis?

The Velvet Thruster Minis include the Teddy, Teddy XL, and Teddy GS. These minis are designed to deliver the same powerful orgasmic vibrating thrusts from its larger counterpart, the Abbey Prime, in a more compact package. The Teddy fires up for an intense 125 strokes per minute and extends a whole 2.5 inches when trusting.

Like its larger counterpart, the Abbey Prime, the Teddy comes complete with six speeds, and a realistic shaft that bends up to 30 degrees.

Its shaft is nine inches long, five of which are insertable. As for the Teddy XL, its shaft is the same realistic shape, but is ten inches long, and includes six inches of insertable length. Its shaft is also more flexible than the Teddy, stopping at a huge 60-degree angle. The last of the Mini’s is the Teddy GS, which is the most different of the three.

The main difference with the Teddy GS lies in its shaft, which mimics the same G-Spot design of the Abbey Prime. Complete with six inches of insertable length and a flexible shaft up to 90 degrees, this is the perfect toy to get you coming back for more. 

Velvet Thruster Minis

Trying out the Velvet Thruster Jackie and Teddy

For review purposes, I chose the Jackie Prime in mint with the white base, and the Teddy Thruster in Lilac. The colors were beautiful for both, and exactly like their depictions online.

How do they feel?

Upon unboxing the Velvet Thrusters, I was pleasantly surprised by the overall feel and flexibility of the handheld machines. The silicone was soft and smooth, and the texture really felt like the real deal. One of my favorite things about the Jackie and Teddy was the perfect proportions of the shafts.

The six-inch shaft and three-inch stroke length of the Jackie Thruster were a little too intense for me. However, the five-inch shaft and 2.5-inch stroke length of the Teddy were absolutely perfect for me.

How functional is the design?

While the Jackie comes with the standard handheld battery pack base, the Teddy comes standard with the suction cup base. The suction from the cup is quite strong and will stick to a wall long enough to get the job done. The water-proof features make using either of the toys in the shower oh so tempting. Just remember, it’s imperative to bring lube along with you when you’re playing in water.

Velvet included all of the accessories that are compatible with the Jackie Thruster for this review. The long reach handle and partner play handle allow for much easier access, particularly when you’re laying flat or playing with a partner.

How powerful and loud are the Jackie and Teddy?

The power of both Thrusters was more than I could have asked for, and definitely top tier for the price range. I would love for the buttons to be placed a little smarter, as adjusting the speed for thrust sometimes gets confusing during the moment.

Additionally, the sound of the Thrusters is quite loud and very mechanical. So much so that using either of the toys inconspicuously in a cramped household might not be an option. If the creators at Velvet could deliver a quieter machine, users might reach for it much more often. 

Is it worth it?

All in all, the Velvet Thrusters are revolutionary machines in the sex toy world. For under 300$, you can now hold the power of the over-the-top sex machines that are flooding the market for thousands of dollars. The feel and design of each shaft has been carefully thought out and tailored for each specific desire.

If you’ve been on the lookout for a powerful pleasure package at a budget you can afford, the Velvet Thrusters are for you!