10 crowdfunded sex toys to spice up your sex life

This article contains sexually explicit material.

Where does an entrepreneur turn with a great idea for a vibrator, but no means to fund it? The Internet, of course. 

Today’s sex toys are the brainchildren of computer programmers, physicists, and design experts. Anyone can crowdfund a buzzworthy idea (see what I did there?) through sites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter to speak directly with today’s savvy sex toy consumer.  

If your goodie drawer is looking a little sad, here are 10 toys—some on the market already, one that still needs funding—to get your mitts on:

1) The lightweight ergonomic vibe

Toy: Rumble by Tantus

Seeking: $50,000

Release date: January 2016 (estimated)

Billed as “a vibrator for every body,” Nevada-based sex toy company Tantus has launched their first crowdfunding campaign for the Rumble, a cordless, rechargeable device with an ergonomic grip.

Key attributes: its motor is quiet so you won’t wake anyone with your buzzing, it weighs only 6.6 ounces, has 14 speeds, and you can clean it in your dishwasher. Plus the Rumble has three removable silicone heads so you can get the type of sensation you most desire.

2) The powerhouse with three motors

Toy: Whoop.de.doo vibrator 

Status: Fully funded

Release date: December 2015

Czech designer Anna Maresova created the Whoop.de.doo vibrator to bring some classiness to the world of sex toys. As she told the design magazine Dezeen, “Beauty lies in simplicity – there are no obscenities, no gimmicks, no gadgets… There never seems to be anything on the market that doesn’t evoke some degree of distaste or gimmicky-ness or feelings of raunchiness.” 

The creators explain on their Indiegogo page how the Whoop.de.doo vibrator will contain three motors along the length of the toy to provide pleasure throughout. Fans can also get their vibrator engraved with a “personal message or name.”

3) A six-motored monster 

Toy: Crescendo by MysteryVibe

Status: Fully funded

Release date: November 2015

The Crescendo is a bendable vibrator that wants you to “create your own pleasure journey.” It comes with something called the MysteryApp, which allows users to customize their own vibration pattern and import it to the toy.


Armed with six motors, it’s highly flexible and therefore customizable for your particular sexual needs. While MysteryVibe did initially back their product on crowdfunding site BORN, they’ve also secured angel investors to finish the manufacturing process..

4) The hands-free clitoral vibe

Toy: Eva by Dame Products

Money raised: Fully funded

Release date: February 2015

The Eva is a hands-free vibe designed for clitoral stimulation—no harnesses or other garments required. It’s worn by the woman externally, as opposed to in the vagina.

The $105 toy was designed with couples in mind, but of course a woman can use it solo. As co-founder Janet Lieberman told The Daily Dot in 2014, getting the needed clitoral action during sex can be challenging for women, even with toys that focus on the nerve-rich area.

5) The “Swiss Army knife of vibrators”

Toy: Slaphappy by Brian Sloan

Money raised: Fully funded

Release date: February 2015

Slaphappy has been called “the Swiss army knife of vibrators” by Refinery29. Why? Because while it can be used for G-spot and clitoral stimulation, it can also be used as a kinky implement for those into spanking. It has a flat, flyswatter-esque appearance that is good for a slap!

Slaphappy is the brainchild of Brian Sloan, who’s also the force behind crowdfunded toys the Autoblow 2 and 3Fap, “the first 3-in-1 male masturbator.”  

6) The Kegel-master

Toy: kGoal Smart Kegel Trainer by Minna Life

Money raised: Fully funded

Release date: January 2015

Okay, this one is technically not a vibrator. While Minna Life does offer a couple different vibes, the $149 kGoal is a actually an “exercise system for female pelvic floor muscles.” It synchs up to iOS and Android to provide real time feedback on how well your muscles can flex those Kegels.

 The trainer has been reviewed with varying reports, with one stating “it hurt like hell” to another calling it a “Bowflex for my vagina.” It’s even been likened to a video game and its results matched up with Mario music.

7) The vibrator that’s also a necklace

Toy: Vesper by Crave

Money raised: Fully funded

Release date: November 2014

The second of multiple sex toy crowdfunding ventures for Crave, the Vesper is a dual purpose item for the sex-positive fashionista: a necklace that doubles as a vibrator. Plus, it’s rechargeable via USB. 

The slim, sleek necklace comes in silver, rose gold-plated or 24 karat gold, with price points ranging from $69 to $149. Is it just me or does it closely resemble iconic Joan’s pencil necklace on Mad Men

8) The sonic vibrator

Toy: Revel Body® sonic vibrator

Money raised: Fully funded

Release date: August 2014

The Revel Body is a sonic vibrator that made our high-tech sex toy gift guide last year. The round waterproof toy touts itself as “only vibrator to operate at the Om frequency.” If you’re not sure what that means, here’s how one reviewer explained it: “The whole toy doesn’t vibrate, instead, the attachment moves in a sort of up and down tapping motion.” 


The sonic vibrator also has a great origin story: When founder Robin Elenga found out people were using their Sonicare toothbrushes as vibrators (?!?!), she was inspired to create a sex toy that would function in a similar way.

9) The “open source dildo”

Toy: The Mod by Comingle

Money raised: Fully funded

Release date: Unknown

The Mod is a customizable sex toy for the tech-savvy. It comes with a Wii Nunchuk Controller—yes, the same kind you use while gaming—to play with the frequency of your vibrations. 

Another fun feature is the biometrics hookup—a user can set The Mod to pick up their partner’s heart beat and vibrate in tandem. How romantic!

10) The responsive vibe

Toy: HUM

Money raised: Fully funded

Release date: Unknown

What happens when physicists redesign a sex toy? You get the HUM, a vibrator that responds to the body’s movement and adjusts vibrations accordingly. It also can provide maps of data to illustrate the peaks and valleys of a woman’s orgasm.

Last year, Hum co-creator Sunny Allen told The Daily Dot that the toy, a white vibrator with a moustache image on it, “gives you a sensation of being fucked back in rhythm with what you’re doing with your body.” Sounds intriguing! Allen also said she hopes the waterproof vibe will become “the iPhone of vibrators.” As our article stated, “It learns what your body likes, and it responds accordingly, delivering varying frequencies of vibrations in response to how much pressure is exerted.”

Illustration by Max Fleishman