Is Vixen worth it?

Given the proliferation of free porn sites, it’s easy to get burned out on low-quality NSFW content. While the sheer quantity of free porn from sites like Reddit or Pornhub Premium  means you might never get bored, you’re often sacrificing quality. For many porn viewers, free isn’t worth the time it takes to find a good scene. That’s what inspired Greg Lansky to launch his top-shelf porn brand, which earned the AVN award for Best New Studio in 2017.

Created with the belief that consumers would pay for HD, professionally shot, classy porn that features gorgeous natural models, Vixen is a site with a certain vision in mind. But is it a vision you should pay to subscribe to? Here’s everything you need to know about the cost, features, content, and membership. 

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Vixen cost

If you’ve been raised on Pornhub, Vixen.Com will be a change of pace. This premium porn site requires a membership before you can access any exclusive content. Fortunately, there are a few ways to save. The basic membership is $29.99 per month, adding up to about $359.88 per year depending on tax. However, if you’re looking to cut costs, you can sign up for an entire year of Vixen for $99.99. That’s a little more than three months worth of a standard membership. It’s also $20 less than many other popular subscription porn sites like Brazzers.

Unless your plan is to just download the whole site in one month and never think of it again, a one-year membership is your best deal. Besides, even if paying for porn seems like a lot, remember that sex workers deserve to make a living wage. You might as well support ethical compensation.

What’s included with your Vixen membership?

1) Six updates a month

Vixen updates its site every five days, adding up to six new videos each month. That adds up to roughly four hours of new content in addition to the hundreds of videos the site already features. With a steady rotation of stars and storylines, Vixen will never leave you without something to watch.  

2) All 4K content

While plenty of porn companies have made the jump to include 4K porn, Vixen is one of the only studios to feature only 4K content. Launched originally as a boutique high-end porn brand, every Vixen release has been shot in Ultra HD since its debut in 2016.

3) Movie quality scenes

Beyond shooting everything in 4K, Vixen also shoots its scenes professionally. The editing, camera angles, and sets are all as beautiful as the performers. Up until you catch a particularly detailed shot of body parts, you’d be hard pressed to tell a Vixen scene from any made-for-TV movie. Even when the subject matter feels tawdry, Vixen is putting out a product that stands out in the digital landscape.

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4) Couple-friendly

It seems like some porn companies are in an arms race to see who can put out the most hardcore content at all times. While Vixen scenes sometimes deal with fetishes, cheating, and wife-swapping scenarios, there’s a lack of extremist gonzo content. You won’t find choking and gagging or performers being pushed to their limits here.

Vixen scenes are typically about two (or three or four) people having a great sexual experience—not running an endurance test. If you’re introducing your partner to porn, Vixen provides great porn for couples that’s worth the cost.

Vixen membership cons

1) Less than 200 videos at the moment

Vixen launched in 2016 and releases five videos every month. That’s a ton of 4K content to go through. However, compared to other porn companies that offer 10,000+ videos for the same price, quantity might be an issue. If you prefer quality over quantity, Vixen is for you. But if you’re just looking for the biggest pool of content to browse, you’ve got other options to consider.

2) Lack of performer diversity 

Vixen is owned by the same company that runs Blacked. While this means the parent company is certainly aware of race, it often fetishizes people of color or excludes them altogether. Vixen has a problem when it comes to variety. Performers of color are rarely represented, and they have a tendency to hire Vixen models who all look the same—white, blonde, thin women.

All of the performers who work with Vixen are predictably gorgeous, but variety is the spice of life. It would be nice to see more diversity in both the male and female talent on the site. Thankfully, the company seems to be slowly offering more options.

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Is worth it?

There are areas where Vixen needs to improve, but if you’re looking for high-quality, classy, professional hardcore pornography, the site is hard to beat. Every single performer featured in Vixen’s content is breathtakingly beautiful. The focus on natural performers (rather than those who have had visible work done) adds a more realistic quality to many of the scenes. Most importantly, while the site explores a range of kinks it never goes so extreme that couples or softcore porn connoisseurs would be turned off.

Fans desensitized by years of hardcore porn might find the focus on narrative and sensuality boring. But if you’re tired of the extreme nature of other porn sites, Vixen offers a sexy alternative. There are few frightening surprises. Mostly just gorgeous people filmed in breathtaking 4K UHD. If you’re looking for the premiere couples porn site online, Vixen is hard to beat.

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