VR Cosplay X offers a wild VR porn experience

Virtual reality porn is a flourishing industry, taking viewers out of their living rooms and into their favorite fantasies. No one’s fantasies have benefited from the jump quite like cosplay porn fans. After all, what’s the use of exploring grounded fantasies? Brace yourself, because your kinkiest thoughts about your favorite characters are coming to life with VR Cosplay X.

VR Cosplay X is a VR hardcore porn site that features full movies with world-class cosplay roleplaying. Put yourself in Wolverine’s shoes as he makes love to Storm. Finally fulfill your lusty fantasies with Princess Peace. Let someone play with your Pokeballs. VR Cosplay X lets you do that and be in the room.

Are you ready to dive headfirst into the world of cosplay porn? Here’s everything you need to know about VR Cosplay X: the cost, what’s included with membership, and what could use improvement.

vr cosplay x - hocus pocus

How much does VR Cosplay X cost?

Considering how high budget this content feels, membership to VR Cosplay X is remarkably reasonable. The standard monthly subscription to VR Cosplay X costs $28.95 per month, which is less than some leading mainstream sites. A full year will set you back $138. While the annual fee is billed all at once, it comes out to only $11.50 per month.

If you’re looking for a deal, the site has occasional sales throughout the year. It’s possible to get a full year for $71.40—or just $5.95 per month—if you hit the site at the right time.

VR Cosplay X membership: What’s included?

1. Over 190 scenes and growing

VR Cosplay already has an impressive library of content to choose from. While other sites might have more scenes, no one else offers this much cosplay variety. With over 190 scenes and more added each week, there’s plenty to watch. Each scene involves a different pop culture character, so you’ll never get that frustrating feeling watching a scene and feeling like you’ve already seen it.

2. Professional-level cosplay

VR Cosplay X could easily skimp when it came to its costuming department—after all, we came for the sex. However, we’re truly impressed with the level of creativity demonstrated by its wardrobe team. Even if you remembered nothing about the porn scenes themselves, you will leave having witnessed a truly impressive collection of cosplay. Featuring everything from Tomb Raider and Space Jam to obscure anime, most of these costumes wouldn’t be out of place at a convention.

Well, provided they got a good dry cleaning first.


3. Incredible attention to detail in scenes

It’s the little things that count, and VR Cosplay X understands that. Even the scenery in each video is true to character to help immerse viewers in the world of their favorite entertainment. From recreating the picturesque landscapes of the desert planets in Star Wars to a Viking hut, the locations might sometimes be a bit cheesy, but you’ll appreciate the effort. This isn’t a porn company where you’ll be skipping around in scenes. You’ll want to catch every moment.

4. Diverse female performers

Given that VR Cosplay X has only been around for a few years, we’re impressed by its diverse range of talent. What’s more, the site takes a colorblind approach to casting. If you’ve ever fantasized about a Black Wonder Woman, you’re in luck. For the most part, the performers look exactly like their characters, but when the site throws a curveball, it’s a welcome one.

boarderlands moxxi

5. Willing to get weird for the sake of the art

We’re not judging, but watching Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz bang the Tin Man is a little strange. Meanwhile, a scene in which the toys from Toy Story make whoopee could ruin your childhood forever.

But that’s part of the joy of VR Cosplay X: You never know exactly what it’s going to throw you next. While it largely focuses on mainstream properties, it’s a real treat when VR Cosplay X digs deep and pulls out a parody of From Dusk ‘Til Dawn or She-Ra.  

6. 4K stereoscopic 3D videos shot at 60fps

It’s easy to notice just how much detail went into each scene when you’re viewing VR Cosplay X’s content in stunning 4K resolution. This is some of the highest-quality VR porn on the market. Regardless of whether you dig the character work, we’d recommend this site just for the beautiful video. However, don’t make the jump to 4K if you don’t have the proper gear. If your VR headset only supports 1080p, the 4K image will look too big in your headset, if the file runs at all.

queen of the damned

What are the cons of VR Cosplay X?

1. Viewers may find some content problematic

At its most basic level, cosplay is about fetishization. Those norms can be fun for a site like VR Cosplay X to play with. But when the sexy scene in question includes characters like Jasmine from Aladdin or Pocahontas, it’s worth pausing to consider the racial and power dynamics at play.

Thankfully, its more problematic content amounts to just a fraction of what VR Cosplay X offers, but we’d be remiss not to mention it. Buyer beware.  

2. Some might find it’s a little too weird

We love that VR Cosplay X doesn’t mind being strange, but if you’re turned off by the idea of aliens and mutants banging, this might not be your site. Performers are in full costume, occasionally painted to change their skin color. At the end of the day, it’s just porn, but some people aren’t ready to watch an android have sex—even if the android looks like a beautiful woman.

3. One update a week

VR Cosplay X only updates once a week. Given how complicated these shoots must be, that’s a minor complaint, but it’s one fans should take into consideration. The lack of new content leaves users to peruse the back catalog while they wait for more. The scenes that are available are long, beautiful, and worth repeat viewings, but if you demand a steady flow of new content, you might be frustrated.

Is VR Cosplay X worth it?

If you spend a moment thinking about subscribing to VR Cosplay X, then this is 100 percent worth your time and money. Each scene brings you into the action, making your dreams of X-Men porn or PlayStation porn a reality. This is the highest-quality cosplay porn we’ve ever seen—VR or not. Best of all, the performers seem like they’re having a wonderful time, which always makes a scene even sexier.

Pop culture fandom is used to being taken for granted. VR Cosplay X feels like it respects our fandom and our fantasies. References are accurate, costuming is on point, and even the dirty talk fits. Give the extended universe in your pants a cliffhanger each week as you wait for the new scene. VR Cosplay X is nerd VR porn overload, a place where even the most obscure fantasies in your long box have a home. Join it today.

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