VR First Timer takes you into an entertainer’s first VR porn scene

Porn flourishes in niche markets. Ultimately what turns us on is a deeply personal thing, from what the performers look like to the scenarios that start our engines. In the world of VR porn there’s one kink that remains woefully underrepresented: first timer porn. That is, until the VR First Timer site graced the net. This brand new site specializes in porn audition videos filmed in VR, letting viewers be in the room for the performer’s first scene. Is this site special or merely a niche? Here’s everything you need to know about VR First Timer.    

How much does VR First Timer cost? 

VR First Timer offers a remarkably low monthly cost with absurd savings the add up the longer you subscribe. Month to month memberships start at $9.99 per month, but if you show a little loyalty VR First Timer will reward you. Three months costs just $19.99 per month, but an entire year will only set you back $49.99. From a value standpoint, VR First Timer is working to reward its early subscribers.

What’s included with your VR First Timer membership? 

1) One new scene a month, with bonus scenes some months 

VR First Timer is a brand new site, launched in April of 2020. Given that it’s only been open for seven months, you might be surprised to learn it already has nine scenes up. Although it averages one scene per month, VR First Timer has already released two extra bonus scenes for subscribers. That bodes well for its future, hopefully signaling more regular updates to come. 

2) Exclusive first-time VR porn scenes from the gorgeous up-and-coming talent that feel more like sex tapes than scripted porn

The best part of VR First Timer is seeing the first VR experience of the next generation of porn talent. While shot in 6K at 60fps these scenes don’t have the glossy studio look of other porn companies. These scenes have the quality of an Ultra HD GoPro at times. The result is a “real world sex tape” fantasy vibe to each scenario that can’t be beaten. 

vr first timers

3) Multiple viewing angles during scenes 

One area VR First Timer sets itself apart is the multiple viewing angles that are offered throughout each scene. Scenes occasionally jump from POV to the third person, giving you a different angle on the action. Additionally, VR First Timers occasionally utilizes a second camera to offer a picture-in-picture perspective. Have you ever been watching a POV VR scene and wished you could see the woman’s face? VR First Timers occasional addition of picture-in-picture lets you do just that. POV purists may be outraged but it’s a wonderful change of pace for the rest of us. 

4) Low monthly cost

While VR First Timer doesn’t update as often as many other sites it’s a great bargain. Monthly memberships start at just $9.99 per month, but an entire year can be purchased for just $49.99. Even if it only uploads twelve scenes a year, that averages out to $4.17 per scene for exclusive VR porn. And, given it uploaded four scenes in May, it’s already providing extra bang for your buck. 

5) Crisp 6K picture with support for a wide range of devices

No matter what platform you use to watch VR porn, VR First Timer probably supports it. From Gear VR to Oculus to mobile, PlayStation VR, and beyond, VR First Timer delivers a host of resolutions and file types for subscribers. 

vr first timer

7) Well-organized categories (even though it doesn’t need them yet)

We adore categories, tags, and search on porn sites, and even though it doesn’t have enough content yet to need them, VR First Timer still has them. Given the number of sites that have hundreds of scenes but no categories or tagging, VR First Timer deserves to be celebrated for being forward-thinking.

What are the drawbacks of a VR First Timer membership? 

1) Small library at the moment 

The biggest issue with VR First Timer at the moment is how new it is. This is a site at the beginning of its life so you don’t get the bonus of hundreds of older scenes when you sign up. For some users that may be a deal-breaker. 

2) All the videos have the same theme and setting

Obviously, when you visit a site called VR First Timers you expect a casting couch style situation. Some sameness is to be expected, but VR First Timers occasionally makes things too similar. Maybe this is an odd complaint, but when the exact same abstract red Hobby Lobby painting is in every single one of your scenes, it’s a little distracting. Some location variation beyond the one La Quinta by the airport they’re using would be nice. This is ultimately a minor complaint, however. 

vr first timer

Is VR First Timer worth it? 

There’s no way around the harsh reality of VR First Timer: this is a new site that is still building its content library. Currently, there aren’t a ton of scenes, even if what it has is incredibly high quality, hot, and cleverly shot. If VR First Timer cost the same as a standard porn site, say between $19.99 and $29.99 per month we’d have some problems. But that’s the thing, it isn’t. VR First Timer’s $9.99 per month cost is not only a good deal, but an incentive to get in on the site early. 

For just $9.99 per month you can discover new faces of porn like Elle Voneva and Elle Voneva while supporting a developing site. VR First Timer delivers creative camera angles, brain-meltingly sexy up-and-coming talent, and sex tape-like 6K picture for less than the cost of a pizza. We understand why porn fans who like sites to have a big back catalog might be turned off. But fans of amateur porn that want an Ultra HD VR home for new talent have found their new plug. Even if you subscribe for a whole year it will only cost you as much as two months at any other porn site. VR First Timer might be a gamble, but it’s one that won’t break your wallet.