Dad arrested for NSFW Christmas decorations

A merry prankster was arrested Monday for a vulgar message he displayed using Christmas lights. 

Steve McGawley, a 43-year-old father of four from Blackpool, England, who could care less about holiday traditions, decorated his house with lights spelled out the word “c**t.” 

He made his big National Lampoons-style reveal in a Facebook video on Dec. 14. 

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But a true artist’s work is never done. He swapped out that display for a crude image of a penis, followed by a bell and the word “end.” 

After some neighbors complained, police asked McGawley to remove the lights, an encounter he filmed and posted to Facebook. 

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My favorite part is when he tested the officers’ patience by claiming it’s actually supposed to be a mushroom. “I’m dyslexic so I can’t tell.”

He was promptly arrested. 

“On Monday, December 19, officers attended an address on Rodwell Walk following a number of complaints in relation to fairy lights on the outside of the house,” a police spokesperson told the Blackpool Gazette. “Despite attempts to engage with the occupant, the lights were not taken down and a 43-year-old man from Blackpool was arrested on suspicion of a public order offense and issued with a penalty notice for disorder.”

McGawley never took down his Christmas lights. He just rearranged them to spell out a much more appropriate message: “I’m Sorry.”

H/T Daily Mail