This ‘Where Is the Clitoris? Challenge’ has some men completely baffled

Oh, a question as old as time. It has confounded men for centuries and will likely confound them for centuries to come: Where is the dang clitoris? Despite having roughly 8,000 nerve endings, the tiny sex organ remains a mystery for some men. (For example? Let’s say … Mitch McConnell almost definitely doesn’t know how to find one.)

In fact, most textbooks just illustrated the external glans — the bump that sticks out — until 1998, when Australian urologist Helen O’Connell conducted a series of MRI studies finding that the clitoris is a “complex, powerful organ system” with 18 parts. What’s more, two-thirds of the clitoris is actually interior.

At any rate, men can protest all they want. However, when called upon to identify the clitoris on a map of the vagina, the results were, shall we say, mixed.

Earlier this week, sexual wellness and relationship guru @Oloni, aka “CLAP BAQ QUEEN,” posed the following challenge on Twitter. (This is not to be confused with the other vagina challenge that went viral this week.)

“No seriously men. Where on the vulva is the clit?” she wrote, adding: “Women no helping or I will block you.”

The accompanying diagram showed four parts of the vagina labeled A, B, C, and D. Others (such as the outer labia and anus) had no label. In full disclosure, clitoris is B, obviously.

But was it obvious? For some dudes, not so much.

Thankfully — for the sake of cis, straight womankind — other dudes correctly identified the clitoris:


For the ladies out there whose dudes fall into the former category, well, the good news is plenty of products know a woman’s body better than a lot of men, apparently. We sincerely wish you the best of luck.