Wicked is bringing you award-winning couples porn

It’s the year 2021, but somehow porn still ranks under slightly uncomfortable conversations to have with a partner. It’s a somewhat understandable stance, since the adult industry has been shrouded with a “hush hush” blanket for so long, but it shouldn’t be! Watching porn as a couple can be a fun and educational way to introduce new ideas into your sex life and Wicked Pictures wants to take you there. 

What is Wicked? 

Wicked Pictures brings you hot, award-winning porn for couples. The studio has been producing Hollywood-like porn for couples and women since the early 90’s, and has earned its place as one of the leading sites for couples porn. You’ll be able to see your favorite established and up-and-coming porn stars in the mix, in 4K ultra HD


While membership pricing is standard for the industry, you do get a lot for what you pay for. Membership starts at just $19.95 monthly for streaming, and $29.95 monthly for streaming and downloading. The best deal however is the $119.40 yearly plan which offers the most bang for your buck. 

Wicked membership pros

1) Almost six thousand scenes in the Wicked library and counting

Getting a Wicked membership through the Wicked website gives you access to a ton of videos. Over six thousand studio-produced videos and images at your fingertips to be exact. Where Wicked really excels is in the wide variety of categories available. The site’s prime director has also created dozens of parody videos, along with more regular content.

2) Enjoy tons of award-winning content and Wicked channels 

Definitely the best part of the Wicked site is its content, which is a good sign! Axel Braun has created award-winning movie upon award-winning movie. Enjoy titles like Snow White, 24 XXX, Cinderella, and so much more. Beyond having wildly intriguing titles, the actual production and cinematography of the movies are worthy of Hollywood.

If parodies aren’t your thing, there are tons of other channels to explore. Explore the Stormy Daniels channel for scenes featuring the iconic pornstar. Or visit the Guide to Wicked Sex channel for educational videos and couples scenes. It’s really all there for the taking. Or, should I say, viewing. You just need to be there! 

A lesbian sex scene still from the Wicked Pictures movie Call Me

3) Great site navigation and customized recommendations 

Wicked has made sure that its members have the best possible chance at having a good time on the site. The main page corrals award-winning parodies, latest scenes, latest movies, and channels all in easy-to-scroll carousels.

Its navigation tabs are also just as easy to find, and split up perfectly. Scenes, movies, girls, photos, channels, guide to Wicked sex, features, live cams, and roku are all ready and waiting to be explored. 

4) Exclusive docu-series in the new “Features” tab

The features tab is a new addition to the Wicked site, but boy is it a great one. As of right now, there are only two options to be explored, but they’re both wildly good. The first is Jessica Fantasies, a first-ever Wicked web exclusive docu-series created and directed by Jessica drake.

In this participation-based project, fans have the chance to vote for what they would like to see, and who they would like to see Jessica with. Members ultimately get an intimate 4k behind the scenes look at Jessica’s personality and passion!

The second is Brad Armstrong’s series; Porn. It’s Wicked’s first limited-series adult drama conceived by the award-winning director. The gripping “meta-porn” anthology dramatizes true industry stories and social issues.

The characters and situations have been altered, but all of these stories really happened, and some continue to happen to this day! These two new additions to the Wicked site really add to the overall value, and are sure to please. 

Scene from the Wicked porn movie Fallen

Wicked membership cons

Genuinely, the Wicked site has everything a paying member could ever want or need. I would definitely advise potential members to take advantage of the three-day trial membership just to really make sure that the content on offer from Wicked is up their alley. If it happens to be their piece of cake, I cant see anything pushing them off the Wicked train. 

Is it worth it? 

Wicked has done porn perfectly. Great production, amazing titles, top-shelf performers, and overall easy and clean site navigation sets it apart from the rest. If a membership to the site has been in the cards, but you’ve been unsure to take the leap, I say go for it! Worse comes to worse, you waste a month’s worth of a membership, but most likely you’ll be hooked from your first press of the play button.