Erika Lust’s xConfessions brings your porn fantasies to life

Unlike Swedish director Erika Lust’s other feminist porn sites, xConfessions is about user curation. xConfessions uses an open-dialogue concept (comments, likes, and confessions) to create original porn films you’ll actually want to pay attention to—because they’re your fantasies.

What is xConfessions?

xconfessions porn

xConfessions is one of Lust‘s many sex-positive projects aimed at changing the way we create and consume porn. Lust and the xConfessions’ team use ideas from the site’s subscribers to create independent and feminist porn—aka porn that centers women’s and non-binary people’s pleasure. Here’s how it works: You submit a confession of your own (it could be sharing something you’ve done or have always wanted to do) and if enough members of the xConfessions’ team or other subscribers like it, it will be made and featured on-site, along with Lust’s other original porn movies.

Is an xConfessions membership worth it?

Anyone looking to watch ethical porn—which includes diverse bodies and ensures performers’ rights and fair wages—would enjoy what xConfessions offers its members. And if we’re being blunt, this is about as interactive as porn can get (unless you’re filming it yourself). The site really caters to active subscribers who comment and share their confessions.

xConfessions price

xConfessions porn: Membership benefits

xconfessions porn

1) Exclusive access to a large and independent adult cinema collection

Every membership includes complete access to the site, so no film is 0ff limits or requires any special credits to stream. And unlike many of the mainstream paid porn sites, there are no tiered membership plans–one plan unlocks it all. Members will also be notified when a new film has been uploaded to the site.

2) Unlimited HD streaming and downloads

Pause, fast-forward, rewind, and play your favorite porn movies anywhere, on any device in HD, as many times as you’d like.

3) The option to submit your own confessions

Share a confession for a chance to watch your much-lusted-after fantasy unfold on your very own screen.

4) Members can cancel at anytime

If you decide that xConfessions isn’t for you or you’re not using your subscription as much as you’d hoped, you can cancel it at any time without any pesky cancellation fees.

Who is Erika Lust?

Erika Lust doesn’t consider herself a pornographer, but rather a filmmaker simply exploring the beauty of sex. On the site, you won’t find any degrading pop-ups, age-questionable models, or gross plotlines. Instead, viewers can rest easy knowing that they’re supporting sex-positive and ethically made adult cinema.

If you’d like to learn more about Lust and her mission to better the industry, check out her TedxTalk “It’s time for porn to change.”

Many of Lust’s critiques on the industry have been transformed into key components of creating ethical porn, such as:

  • Women’s pleasure matters. After all, the clitoris is the only organ whose sole function is to provide pleasure. So for porn creators to only include scenes where women get off by penetration alone is both wholly inaccurate and sends the message that woman’s orgasms don’t matter.
  • Diversity is crucial. Porn movies, just like your vanilla Hollywood movies, should represent all races, genders, sexual orientations, body types, and ages.
  • Everyone is paid a fair wage. From the interns to the models to the directors themselves, everyone who is involved in creating the film is paid fairly, given breaks, and provided a comfortable work environment. Directors from Lust’s films are even paid a commission from each video sale.
  • Health, safety, and consent are always the priority. Lust and her team require all performers to be checked for STDs regularly. The use of condoms is also encouraged, but in the end, that decision is left up to those who are starring in the scene. Prior to working on a film, the team discusses the performers’ expectations, boundaries, and anything they will not do, ensuring they are not only consenting to the work but also looking forward to filming.
  •  Transparency is important. Sort of like IMDB, each video page details the names of the directors, performers, and some additional contact information. Why? The site says it best: “because we are proud of what we do.” You won’t find any of that information on mainstream paid porn sites like Brazzers or Pornhub.

A site where you can find your own fantasies at a reasonable (annual) price, and know that the performers are being treated well? Sounds like a triple win.

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