Yanks VR offers virtual-reality porn for women—and by women

The vast majority of VR porn sites focus on content featuring sex between men and women, but there are exceptions like Yanks VR. Yanks VR is one of the leading sites in lesbian VR porn, offering an alternative to the male gaze. While its goal is admirable, is Yanks VR worth it? Here’s everything you need to know about Yanks VR, from its subscription costs to features to where it can grow.

Yanks VR cost

If you want premium VR porn content, you’re going to need to pay up. Unfortunately, if you want Yanks VR, you’re going to be paying a significant upcharge. Yanks VR only comes in one size of subscription, month to month for $39.95. While that may seem high you have to remember Yanks VR shoots high specific porn content with a specific niche. The broader the subject of your porn, the more expensive it will cost. That’s literally the price you pay for kink.

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Yanks VR: Membership benefits

1) Beautiful 4K content

Since its inception, Yanks VR has delivered stunning 4K video of all of its scenes. Whether you’re watching a lesbian orgy or a solo masturbation scenario, these scenes are crisp and beautiful. Yanks VR may occasionally lack content, but what’s there is excellent.

2) Authentic-feeling amateur content

Yanks VR bills itself as a 100% female produced company that only films real orgasms. Even when it features established porn performers like Olive Glass, the scenes live up to that promise. You never get the sensation that anyone is playing a part during these scenes, helping build a genuinely sexy atmosphere that’s hard to ignore. If the overacting and shrieks of mainstream porn leave you dry, Yanks VR will be a refreshing change of pace.

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3) New VR porn updates every four days

In the past, Yanks VR wasn’t great about updating, but in recent months it’s begun updating every four days. That adds up to roughly seven new scenes per month for new subscribers. Given the in-depth quality of each scene, the site’s current schedule is to be commended.  With over 150 scenes available for download, Yanks VR will keep you busy for a long time.

4) Female-produced content

The male gaze is real. As a straight white man who writes about porn, it’s something that’s become more apparent than ever. Yanks VR’s content is erotic and varied, seamlessly moving between sensuality and explosive sexuality with ease. Rather than just putting women in scripted scenes, Yanks learns about their fantasies and films them with those desires in mind. If all you’ve ever seen is mainstream porn, viewing content created by women with women’s pleasure in mind can be jarring. But once you start watching, it’s hard to look away.

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5) Detailed profiles of each performer

Yanks VR has some of the most detailed performer profiles of any porn site we’ve ever seen. You’ll learn about their favorite books, what celebrities they’d have sex with, hobbies, and astrological signs, among a host of other details. Getting to know the performers first adds a layer of intimacy when you’re watching the scenes. The profiles are a small but welcome touch.

6) Diversity of body hair

Do you ever grow tired of the steady stream of waxed bodies that make up mainstream porn? Yanks VR understands, offering a selection of performers with every kind of body hair imaginable. Full public hair, armpit hair, wax jobs, etc. Whether you prefer performers au natural or highly styled, Yanks VR you’ll find it on Yanks.

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Yanks VR membership cons

1) Not much diversity otherwise

The variety of body hair is great, but otherwise, there’s plenty of room to grow. There are barely any women of color represented, let alone various body types. Given the feminist angle of the site, it’s odd to see such a glaring lack of representation. There should be more sites focused on the real pleasure of women. We wish this one didn’t feature so many similar women.

2) Useless tags

Yanks VR has tags—sort of. At the bottom of each scene, it lists tags for what acts are featured, but there’s no master list available on the site. That means you can easily find content that’s like what you’re already looking at, but if you want to discover something new, you’ll need to browse around. That, plus the lack of a search function and navigation, can be a strangely unpleasant experience unless you like to browse.

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Yanks VR review: Should you subscribe?

Yanks VR is an incredible site that’s hard to recommend. We love its content and ideology, staking a spot in the saturated porn market to focus on women’s pleasure. Each scene is shot in stunning 4K, giving you the clearest possible view of these legitimately sexy, sensual scenes. Watching real women orgasm can make it hard to go back to the overacting of some mainstream porn.

But the devil is in the details. Yanks VR costs more than any other VR porn site, in some cases by as much as $10 per month. The slow release schedule during its early years of existence means your monthly subscription doesn’t even come with much back catalog. The content that’s here is genuinely some of the best anywhere in VR porn—unscripted, hot, and personal. We wish there was more of it.

Hopefully, Yanks VR pays performers more than the industry standard to help justify how much more expensive the site can be. Yet while the cost is a barrier, it’s important to remember that niche content earns a higher price. Scarcity is value, and no one else in the space offers 4K solo masturbation and lesbian VR scenes like Yanks VR. Pay a little extra for your porn. Especially when it’s tailored to your kinks.

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