Popular YouTuber shoots himself in the head in freak accident

YouTuber WhistlinDiesel, who has 1.75M subscribers on the platform, survived a freak accident after accidentally shooting himself in the forehead with a stray bullet from his gun.

The vlogger—whose real name is Cody Detwiler—explained he was shooting metal plates with a .50 caliber gun from just 4 feet away when one of the bullets ricocheted and embedded in his forehead. 

The 22-year-old frequently uploads videos of stunts involving large trucks, guns, or both. He told fans of the near-death experience on Thursday, with a selfie posted to his Instagram. 


“Not sure how I’m alive rn……,” he wrote. “I literally know what it feels like to get his with a .50 cal…. in the head……”

“I’m ok they’re just doing some scans to make sure I don’t have swelling other than the 2′ lump on my forehead and the copper jacket under my skin,” he continued.

Another photo to the YouTuber’s Instagram shows a photo of him in a hospital bed, with a sizeable hole right above his eye socket. A second picture showed the casing, along with the bullet that left the damage.


Despite the gruesome injury, Detwiler said he has no plans to stop shooting. “Got a ct scan to be safe and they say my skull isn’t cracked soo…. back to target practicing!!!” he wrote.

H/T TooFab