This porn actress is having a sex marathon to fund her boob job

Warning: The content of this story is sexually explicit and could be considered NSFW. 

A few months ago, we reported on Heidi Van Horny, a Montreal-based porn actor who wanted to celebrate her 23rd birthday by having sex with 23 men at a swingers’ club. (Van Horny eventually backed out of the stunt, and the event was cancelled.)

Not to be outdone by her Francophone compatriot, another adult film actress is planning a similar event at another club—except this time, she’s doing it to fund her breast implants.

The adult performer, who goes by the nom de plume of Zoe Zebra, will star in “Boule-a-thon,” an event at a Quebec nightclub where she plans to have sex with 25 men—or be the recipient of “25 ejaculations,” as the Facebook page for the event adorably puts it—in one night. The show will be taped and broadcast online, and the 22-year-old Zebra says she’ll use the earnings from her performance to pay for her breast augmentation surgery. (What, she can’t use crowdfunding websites like the rest of us?)

Boule-a-thon (or “Ball-a-thon,” for those who also got a C- in French) is being sponsored by the adult film company AD4X, which also sponsored Van Horny’s birthday celebration. The men will be picked from the crowd at random and taken to a trailer on the premises to Zebra, who will have final approval over who she has sex with on-camera.

Considering that Van Horny pulled out of a similar event last January, commenters on the event’s Facebook page are understandably skeptical about this latest stunt: “I hope it does not end up like the other event with the famous Van Horny,” one fan wrote. But this time around, AD4X has apparently learned its lesson: According to company president Andre Grenier, AD4X has asked Zebra to sign a contract making her liable for any expenses associated with the event if she backs out.

“I’m going to do it,” Zebra told Le Journal de Quebec. “I’ve made my decision and if I cancel, they will sue me. When I have an idea in my head, I don’t think of anything else.” Fair enough.

While that’s probably not the most convincing argument in favor of having sex with 25 men for breast implants, Zebra wouldn’t be the only one to have reservations about the event. Quebecois feminist bloggers have objected to the nature of the event, as has the mayor of Gatineau, the city where the event will Boule-o-Thon will be held. He told reporters the city is trying to put a stop to what he refers to as a “shame display.” (Grenier says the event is perfectly legal.)

“Shame display” or not, Zoe Zebra isn’t the first woman to have sex with a large number of men for money or publicity, and she certainly won’t be the last. (She also is far from the most impressive: That title goes to performer Lisa Sparks, who set the record for world’s largest gangbang in 2004 by having sex with 919 men.) We just hope that if she does go through it, she has plenty of lube and an ice pack at hand, or else breast augmentation surgery will be the least of her concerns.

H/T 1310 News | Photo via Zoe Zebra/Facebook