16 surprising facts about Brandi Love, porn’s most popular MILF

If you’re a person who watches mainstream porn with any regularity, chances are you’ve seen Brandi Love. Born Tracey Lynn Livermore, she’s consistently one of the highest-ranked porn stars on Pornhub. If you haven’t read a Brandi Love interview lately, you probably haven’t heard just how successful her career has been. With over 460 million views on her Pornhub films alone, Love typically ranks third or fourth as the most popular porn star any given year. Brandi Love’s Pornhub profile describes her as “a super MILF to the max, nurturing, busty, sweet, but with that refined desperate housewife lust that is bound to get her into hot trouble.” 

The majority of her most-viewed scenes are from the Moms Teach Sex series, with titles like “Stepmom Brandi Love f***s teen daughter and friends” and “Surprise threesome with his stepmom and girlfriend.” As it turns out, Brandi Love is a mom herself IRL. And there’s a lot more to Love than her hot mom reputation. Here are some of the most interesting facts about Brandi Love.

16 sultry facts about Brandi Love

1) She attended Central Michigan University

Though Love didn’t finish school at Central Michigan University, she was working towards degrees in exercise science and business communication during her time there. Last year she told campus publication Central Michigan Life that during her time at CMU, she was addicted to fitness and good grades:

Back when I was on campus I had two major goals: Maintain a 3.5 (GPA) or higher and spend as much time as possible at the (Student Activity Center). I was addicted to fitness and trained about two hours a day, everyday. I loved my time at CMU. Amazing campus with so many opportunities to get involved. I wish I had gone to more football games.

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2) Love typically spends an average of 8 to 12 hours on set each day

Love described a typical day on set as 8 to 12 hours of “makeup, stills, waiting, sex, waiting, sex, waiting, sex and repeat.” Still, she takes her profession seriously, so all the hard work feels rewarding. In order to get a sense of how grueling set can be, she recommends people “stand under a heat lamp and attempt a standing 69 for 15 minutes then break for 15 then repeat four times.”

Despite long hours, Love has expressed multiple times that she genuinely likes the people and companies she works with. When it comes to balancing her personal life, she doesn’t take her flexible schedule for granted. “Either I or my husband or both are there for the kids every morning and there when they get home from school,” Love told CM Life. “We never miss a play, an event, or dinner with friends because ultimately we are in charge of our schedule.”

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3) Brandi Love had a conservative, Christian upbringing

Love was born in Raleigh, North Carolina, and raised by Presbyterian parents. She says her upbringing was perfectly normal, and she was raised in a loving home by “cool” parents.

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4) She’s a savvy businesswoman with a lot of management experience

Prior to her career in the adult film industry, Love worked primarily white-collar jobs. In her early 20s, Love managed a bagel company and shortly thereafter became an executive at a staffing agency. After 10 years of marriage, Brandi Love and her husband Chris Potoski started their own company called Grapevine Greetings, which specialized in creating custom labels for wine bottles.

Love owns and operates her official website, brandilove.com, and has collaborated with artists and digital content creators to create niche content for various porn sites.

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5) A high-stress job and her husband Chris Potoski’s health eventually led Love to the adult industry

In the early 2000s, Brandi Love’s husband had a stress-induced heart attack. She told CM Life that Potoski “flew an average of 240 flights a year and was home about nine days a month. It just got to be too much.” Potoski’s doctor had recommended that both husband and wife consider career changes. Incidentally, they both had some connections in the porn industry and decided to take a leap that would ultimately become a lifelong career.

At the start of her career, Love was doing a lot of solo, self-produced work and having on-camera sex with her husband for her own adult site. In 2008, she accepted an offer to fly out to L.A. from Raleigh, North Carolina, to shoot her first professional scene with porn site Naughty America. Since then, Love has added films from companies like Brazzers, Sweetheart Videos, Girlfriend Films, and Hustler Films to her long resume of professional adult films.

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In an interview with Adult DVD Talk, Love revealed that her favorite scenes are always unscripted when no one is concerned about angles or positions. “It’s true and very, very passionate,” Love said. Some of her other favorite scenes include videos she filmed with other porn stars, such as Johnny Sins, Kieran Lee, and Manuel Ferrara.

In terms of fan favorites, Love knows that her viewers love the scenes she does for Porn Fidelity. She attributes the success of those scenes to her friendship with Kelly and Ryan Madison, the creators of Porn Fidelity. “We’ve been friends for years and it’s a fucking friendship,” Love said. “We know each other so well and I think that there’s an energy level that’s shared when it comes to our sexuality that they’re explosive scenes.”

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7) Love is a huge Game of Thrones fan

Real Brandi Love fans will know that not only does Love adore Game of Thrones, but she has starred in a GoT porn parody called “This Ain’t Game of Thrones: Winter is Cumming” as Cersei Lannister.

Though Game of Thrones tops her list, other shows that Love loves include Breaking Bad, Dexter, Californication, and Shameless (though she has yet to turn any of these favorites into porn parodies).

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8) She regularly lectures college students about swinging and alternative relationship styles

Love and Potoski have been in an open marriage for most of their relationship. Love has spoken to college students about the benefits of swinging and open relationships. In fact, she attributes much of her pre-porn sexual experience and girl-on-girl sex to her experience swinging. In 2006, Love was a guest on an episode of The Tyra Banks Show called “Is Monogamy Natural” in which she and Hugh Hefner spoke with Tyra about the benefits of non-monogamy and open relationships. 

She also speaks regularly about the controversy and psychology behind the fantasies she’s known for playing out. “The core fantasy of the mommy-daughter scenario I think is the intimacy,” Love said in an interview with Girlsway Network. “They’re very close characters, they’re very close in real life. I think it’s very taboo obviously to play out that scenario but it’s very popular.”

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9) Like most entertainers in the adult industry, Love has other hobbies (and a family)

When she’s not getting dolled up for a scene, lecturing, or filming porn parodies, Love enjoys staying active, indulging in a glass of wine, lecturing at universities about human sexuality, enjoying art, and listening to ’80s rock.

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10) The swirling rumors of Love’s retirement are actually false

In 2016, Captain Jack of Adult DVD Talk asked Love about her surprise one-year contract with Sweetheart Video that came on the heels of retirement rumors. Love explained that the rumors were greatly exaggerated. She said “transition,” not “retirement,” was a more appropriate word for her next move. She explained her transition in terms of a musician’s career:

A little over a year ago I sat down with Jonathan Morgan at Nexxxt Level Talent and we had a heart to heart about where I wanted to go with my career. I kind of liken my career to that of a musician. In those beginning years they produce music that they like but there is also the element of producing what the studios believe will sell the best. Then somewhere along the artist’s timeline you invariably hear them say… ‘And now I get to explore the music I have always wanted to make.’ They have paid their dues & now they want to really get creative. I’m there.

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So for all the Brandi Love fans out there, this isn’t the end of her time in porn, just the beginning of a new, more creative journey. In the words of Love herself, “the best is yet to cum.”

11) Love has received 10 nominations for her sultry work

Throughout her career, Love has received 10 nominations, including four AVN awards. In 2013, Love received the “Best Cougar and MILF” award under editor’s choice during the 21st Annual NightMoves Awards. The award was rightfully won after her years of famous MILF portrayals.

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12) She may not be a gamer per se, but she has her favorites

Between spending hours in the studio and living her best life, Love admits she doesn’t have much time to play video games like other enthusiasts. However, when she does have spare time she has a handful of video games she prefers to spend her time playing. Among her favorites are classics like Donkey Kong, Galaga, and Ms. Pacman, cause well, she rules the arcade.

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13) Love has three noteworthy tattoos

It turns out Love isn’t afraid of needles. Many of her fans might recognize her famous butterfly tattoo on her lower-middle back, but Love has a few more that don’t get their time on camera. Love also has a tattoo on her upper-right shoulder blade, and a faded blue and purple animal on her right ankle.

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14) She started an advocacy group called for parents who work in the adult industry

When Love and her husband chose to enter the adult industry after becoming parents, their conservative family members didn’t take it lightly. Eventually, it became a legal threat. Love saw a larger need for reliable advocacy and protection for other parents in porn. “When I started to talk to people in the industry about it, they’d say, ‘I’m fearful of my ex-husband,’ or ‘I’m fearful of my parents,’ even though what we’re doing is legal,” Love told Men’s Health in 2018. “Just because we’re porn stars doesn’t mean that we’re doing inappropriate things at home.”

Though the group is now defunct and Love’s daughter is of age, Parents in Adult served as a resource for adult performers in seeking attorneys who were willing to advocate for them.

brandi love : parents in adult

15) Brandi Love is a Trump supporter

During the 2016 election, Love was very vocal on Twitter about her support for now-President Donald Trump, despite some backlash from her followers. While her pro-Trump posts have died down considerably throughout the course of his presidency, she’s still a supporter of the administration’s policy. In one 2018 Brandi Love interview with Men’s Health, Love confirmed she is still a supporter. “In a nutshell, I’m thrilled,” Love told Men’s Health. “He’s doing everything he said he was gonna do. The simple fact is, for all the people who are anti, I get it. His personality sucks ass. He rubs people wrong. He’s a narcissist. I’m way more concerned about what he’s doing for the country I love and that I live in.”

In the same interview, Love also said that given the right circumstances, she would sleep with the president only if he and Melania “came as a package deal.”

16) Her website features resources, games, and stories for swingers

Brandi Love’s site hosts her live shows, exclusive photos, wallpapers, and more. It’s what you’d typically expect from a porn star’s personal site—but it also serves as a social network for swingers. Love’s site has a special tab for her own swinger handbook, which contains resources and articles about swinging rules and terminology. The games tab lists popular icebreaker games for swingers like naked dice, truth or dare, or erotic Jenga and the stories tab hosts Brandi-centric (if cheesy) erotica.

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